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''This is about the band "Zeke". For other uses see Zeke (disambiguation)''

"Zeke" is a hardcore punk band from Seattle, USA. They are known for their extremely high-powered, driving guitar sound, mixed with blues influences. Zeke released their first single, ''West Seattle Acid Party'', in 1993; after several album releases on indie label Scooch Pooch Records, they signed with Epitaph in 1998 which led to nationwide fame in punk rock circles. They are currently signed to Relapse Records.

*''Super Sound Racing'' (Scooch Pooch, 1995)

*''Flat Tracker'' (Scooch Pooch, 1996)

*''PIG'' (Live Album, 1997)

*''Kicked in the Teeth'' (Epitaph, 1998)

*''Dirty Sanchez'' (Epitaph, 2000)

*''Death Alley'' (Aces and Eights, 2002)

*''Live and Uncensored'' (Live Album, 2003)

*''Till the Livin' End'' (Regence, 2004)

* ''Contaminated VI''

* ''We're A Happy Family: A Tribute To Ramones''

* ''Mad Mike Jones Presents Mototrax 1''

* ''How We Rock''

* ''Alpha Motherf***ers: A Tribute To Turbonegro''

* ''Free The West Memphis 3: A Benefit For...''

* ''Punk-O-Rama Vol. 5''

* ''Serial Killer Compilation''

* ''Free Air Festival''

* ''A Fistful Of Rock '...

years active 1993 - present
status active
country Seattle, Washington, USA
music genre Punk Rock
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia