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The name "Zoe, Zoey, Zoë or Zoé" came from ancient Greece. Its meaning is often linked with "life".

"Zoe" may refer to:

* Zoe (tribe), an indigenous tribe of the Brazilian Amazon

* Zoe (Spiritual Life), a Greek word (Zwh) meaning "spiritual life"

* Logos and Zoe, an æon of Gnostic belief systems

* Logos and Zoe, a cubewano (an object orbiting beyond the planet Pluto), and its satellite

* Zoë (robot), a four wheeled robot used to map life in the Atacama Desert

* Zoé (band), a ''rock en español'' band from Mexico

* Zoë Records, an independent record label

* Zoe Motors, a manufacturer of three-wheeled cars

A "person":

* Zoe Karbonopsina (died c.920), Byzantine empress

* Zoe (empress), Byzantine empress (c. 978 – 1050)

* Zoe Palaiologina, (c. 1455 – April 7, 1503), wife of Tzar Ivan III of Russia

* Zoe (singer), an English pop star who had a 1991 hit with "Sunshine On A Rainy Day"

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* , for persons with the given name Zoe

* , for persons with the given name Zoé or ...

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