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Von Bondies

"The Von Bondies" are a indie rock/alternative band from Detroit, Michigan.

Around the turn of the century, two ex-college roommates, Jason Stollsteimer and Marcie Bolen, attended a concert by Japanese rock & roll giants Guitar Wolf. At the time, Stollsteimer was working a dead-end job as a bowling alley bartender. The performance spurred the pair to create their own band, and Stollsteimer replaced his drinking habits with devotion to guitar playing. After recruiting Lauren Wilcox (who was later replaced by Carrie Smith) on bass and Detroit-scene veteran Don Blum on percussion, the band was named the Babykillers. This was changed to the Von Bondies when the former name proved to be too offensive.

While playing a handful of shows in the Detroit area, the quartet recorded singles It Came From Japan, an ode to Guitar Wolf, and Nite Train. Jack White of the White Stripes along with the Dirtbombs' Jim Diamond later produced the Von Bondies' debut album, ''Lack of Communication'', in late 2001. It was recorded in only three days; new bassist Carrie Smith had only been with the band for three months. However, the album was an underground success with the indie crowd, and the...

years active 2000 – present
country United States
status Active
music genre Rock music
current members Jason Stollsteimer, Marcie Bolen, Yasmine Smith, Don Blum
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia