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On the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe  Judy Garland

[E7]Do you h[A]ear t[D9]hat w[A]his - [D9]tle d[A]own [E7]the l[A]ine?
[Cdim] [A] [D9] [A] [Cdim] [A] [E7] [A]  
 I fig - ure that it's en - gine num - ber for - ty - nine --

[E7]She's the [A]on - [D9]ly o[A]ne t[D9]hat'll s[F#7]ound that [Cdim]way
On the A[A]tch - i - s[A9]on, To - [D9]pe - ka[Cdim] and the S[E7]an - ta [A]Fe.
All a - board, she's on her way.
[E7]See the [A]old s[D9]moke [A]ri - s[D9]in' r[A]ound [E7]the b[A]end?
[Cdim] I re[A]ck - on t[D9]hat she k[A]nows she's[Cdim] gon - na m[A]eet [E7]a fr[A]iend.
[E7]Folks a - r[A]ound t[D9]hese p[A]arts k[D9]ept the [F#7]time of [Cdim]day
From the A[A]tch - i - [A9]son, To - [D9]pe - ka [Cdim]and the S[E7]an - ta [A]Fe.
[A7] [D] [D6] [F#m] [Bm]  
 Here she comes -- whoo - whoo oo-whoo oo- whoo - whoo - whoo.

Hey, [A]Jim, ya[Cdim] bet - ter[Bm7-5] get [E7]the r[A]ig!
[A7]Oo - w[D]hoo w[D6]hoo oo- [F#m]whoo - whoo - w[Bm]hoo
She's [D]got a list of [Cdim]pas - sen - gers that's [Bm7-5]might - y [E7]big.
[E7]And they'll [A]all w[D9]ant l[A]ifts [D9]to Br[A]own's [E7]Ho - [A]tel,
'[Cdim]Cause l[A]ots of t[D9]hem been t[A]rav - el -[Cdim] in' for q[A]uite[E7] a s[A]pell,
[E7]All the w[A]ay f[D9]rom P[A]hil -[D9] a - d[F#7]elph - eye -[Cdim] aye
On the [A]Atch - i - [A9]son, To -[D9] pe - k[Cdim]a and the [E7]San - ta[A] Fe.
[E7]Back in [A]O - [D9]hi - [A]o w[D9]here [A]I co[E7]me fr[A]om,
[Cdim]I've d[A]one a [D9]lot of dr[A]eam - in'[Cdim] and I've tr[A]av - [E7]ell'd [A]some,
[E7]But I n[A]ev - [D9]er th[A]ought [D9]I'd [F#7]see the [Cdim]day
When I e[A]v - er t[A9]ook a r[D9]ide[Cdim] on the S[E7]an - ta [A]Fe.
[E7]I would l[A]ean [D9]a - cr[A]oss [D9]my w[A]in - [E7]dow s[A]ill
[Cdim]And he[A]ar the w[D9]his - tle [A]ech - o -[Cdim] in' a - c[A]ross [E7]the h[A]ill,
[E7]Then I'd w[A]atch t[D9]he li[A]ghts [D9]till they [F#7]fade a -[Cdim] way
On the A[A]tch - i - s[A9]on, To - [D9]pe - ka[Cdim] and the S[E7]an - ta [A]Fe.
Bridge 2:
[A7]What a thr[D]ill with the w[DM7]heels a - singin' [F#m]"west - ward[Bm] ho!"
F[D]rom the [Cdim]day I h[E7]eard[Bm7-5] them st[D]art,
'C[D]ross the Kan - sas p[DM7]lains from [F#m]New Mex - i - [Bm]co --
I g[D]uess I've got a[Cdim] lit - tle gyp - sy[Bm7-5] in my he[E7]art.
[E7]When I'm o[A]ld a[D9]nd g[A]rey [D9]and s[A]et - [E7]tled d[A]own,
[Cdim] If I [A]ev - er g[D9]et a cha[A]nce to [Cdim]sneak a - w[A]ay f[E7]rom t[A]own,
[E7]Then I'll s[A]pend [D9]my b[A]us - [D9]man's [F#7]hol - i -[Cdim] day
On the A[A]tch - i - s[A9]on, To - [D9]pe - ka[Cdim] and the S[E7]an - ta [A]Fe

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A A7 A9 Bm Bm7-5 Cdim D D6 D9 Dm7 E7 F#7 F#m
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