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The Night Belongs to Mona  Donald Fagen

|D7sus4 Fmaj7/Bb |Amaj9 Db7 Db7+5|Cmaj7 B+5/F |
|Ebmaj9 A7-5 |Gm7addC/Ab | |
Db7(no5) Cmaj7 Fmaj7 Am7 Em7 Am7
Mona's become a child of the night
( ni- i -i ight)
When she goes [C9]out [C13] [C9]
[Fmaj9] It's only for [Bb13add9-5]bare ne [Bb13add9]cessities
[Cmaj7] She says she's [Fmaj7]had it up to [Am7]here with [Em7]light[Am7]
( li-i-i-i-ight )
While the city [C9]sleeps
[Fmaj9] That's when she [E7+5]comes alive
Yes, the [Bb13add9]night belongs to [Amadd9]Mona
When she's [Bb13add9-5]dancing [Bb13add9]all al[E/A]one[Am7]
Forty [D7sus4]floors a [Fmaj7/Bb]bove the [Amaj7]city
[Db7+5]CDs [Cmaj9]spinnin' [B+/F]AC [Ebmaj9]hummin' [A7-5]Feelin' [Gm7addC/Ab]pretty
[Db7] [G7+5] [Cmaj9] Sometimes she'll [Fmaj7]call at some un [Am7]holy [Em7]hour[Am7]
She wants to [C13]talk
[Fmaj9] All of this [Bb13add9-5]grim and [Bb13add9]funny stuff
[Cmaj7] Then she'll go all [Fmaj7]quiet in her [Am7]Chelsea [Em7]tower[Am7]
(tow---er )
And that' when we [C9]wait[C13] [C9]
[Fmaj9] To see how the [Bb13add9-5]story ends
'Cause the night belongs to [Amadd9]Mona
When she's [Bb13add9-5]dancing all a [E/A]lone[Am7]
Forty [D7sus4]floors a [Fmaj7/Bb]bove the [Amaj7]city
[Db7+5]CDs [Cmaj9]spinnin' [B+/F]AC [Ebmaj9]hummin' [A7-5]Feelin' [Gm7addC/Ab]pretty
[Bb9-5] Was it the fire down [Fmadd9]town
That [Bbm7]turned her [Eb11]world a [Cm7]round
Was it some [Bbm7]guy or l[Eb9]ots of different [Dbmaj7]things
We all wonder [Ab11]where she's [Eb11]gone
That sunny [Abm9]girl we used to [Eb11]know
Now every [Abm9]night we get the [Amaj7]Mona [Dmaj7]show
[F#m7]Maybe it's [Fmaj9]good that she's a [Am7]bove it [Em7]all [Am7]
( awwwwwwww
things don't seem as d[C13]ark
[Fmaj9] When you're al[Bb9-5]ready [Bb9]dressed in black
[Cmaj9] We try not to [Fmaj9]see the writing [Am7]on the w[Em7]all[Am9]
What happens to [C13]morrow
When the [Fmaj9]moonrays[F13]
Get so [Fm(maj7)]bright[Fm6]
When she [Am7]rises[Am7-9] [Am7]
Towards the [Ab+5]starlight
Miles [Cmaj7/G]above
The city's [F#9-5]heat
Will she [Cmaj7/G]fall hard
Or float [E/C]softly [Gm7-5]to the [G11]street
[G13-9] Tonight the [Bb13add9-5]night belongs to [Amadd9]Mona
When she's [Bb13add9-5]dancing [Bb13add9]all a [E/A]lone[Am7]
Forty [D7sus4]floors a [Fmaj7/Bb]bove the [Amaj7]city
[Db7+5]CDs [Cmaj9]spinnin' [B+/F]AC [Ebmaj9]hummin' [A7-5]Feelin' [Gm7addC/Ab]pretty
Transcription and chart
Peter Kruger

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A7-5 Ab+5 Ab11 Abm9 Am7 Am7-9 Am9 Amadd9 Amaj7 Bb9 Bb9-5 Bbm7 C13 C9 Cm7 Cmaj7 Cmaj7/G Cmaj9 D7sus4 Db7 Db7+5 Dbmaj7 Dmaj7 E/C E7+5 Eb11 Eb9 Ebmaj9 Em7 F#9-5 F#m7 F13 Fm(maj7) Fm6 Fmadd9 Fmaj7 Fmaj7/Bb Fmaj9 G11 G7+5 Gm7-5
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