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Hanging On  Everyday Sunday


Artist: Everyday Sunday
Title : Hanging On
Album : Stand Up
.TAB : Brad (

There's a higher melody part going on on top of the guitars which I think
is a keyboard / synthesizer, though it sounds more like a stringed
instrument at parts. Unfortunately, I lack the patience to write out
notes (plus, I have never played piano, so my *mad* ;) violin skills
can't really help me out)
Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)
Time: (2/4)
Beat is around 88 (?) not sure, I tend to start it there.
* In any case, it isn't too fast. As always, it can be
played at whichever tempo you like.
INTRO (2x)
[C#m] [B]  
 e ------------0--------0-- -------------0--------0--
 B -------0-------0-------- -------0--------0--------
 G ----------6-------6----- ----------4--------4-----
 D -----6------------------ -----4-------------------
 A --4--------------------- --2----------------------
 E ------------------------ ------------------------- 

 e ------------0--------0-- ------------0---------0--
 B -------0-------0-------- -------0--------0--------
 G ----------2-------2----- ----------2--------2-----
 D -----2------------------ -----2-------------------
 A --0--------------------- --0----------------------
 E ------------------------ ------------------------- 

Pretty sure that it's just the INTRO played 4 times
For the vocals, they begin on beat 2 of the first repetition of the line
(time signature as 2/4)
On the last line before going into the CHORUS, continue the same fingering
but with C#, E/B, and E (thanks to Brent)
[C#] [E/B] [E]  
 e --0-------0-----0-------
 B --0-------0-----0-------
 G --4-------9(8)--9-------
 D --4-------9(8)--9-------
 A --2-------6-----7-------
 E ----------------0-------

"and all I want is You" with (all) and (You) falling on E/B and E.
Play the INTRO part 4 times. This is a building up period. Words start
with "I come to you with all .." and the synthesizer joins in with F
and G syncopated quarters (single notes, no chords).
During the 4TH (LAST) repetition on the third measure some D# and E comes
in to lead into the chorus. I think the acoustic drops out here and is
replaced by electric (that's what I do; I prefer doing the picking
on an acoustic).
For the Synthesizer part, I'm sure whoever's playing the keys will have
an easy time playing along -- the notes are pretty clear (though not so
much for me).
E B C#m(G#?) A (E) (B ..
 e --7------7---4---4------5--- you can ------0---
 B --9------7---5---4------5--- opt to -------0---
 G --9------8---6---6------6--- leave the ----9---
 D --9------9---6---6------7--- high e and ---9---
 A --7------9---4---6------7--- B open. ------7---
 E --7------7---4---4------5--- (as usual) ---0---

For the first repetition of the chorus, it is the same picking order as
before, but using these variations on the chorus chords (different positions
-- sometimes)
 e --0------0------0------0-- *****************************************
 B --0------0------0------0-- or you can choose to play this sequence
 G --9------4------6------2-- always. I don't like to shift as much
 D --9------4------6------2-- so when it's hard strokes (no picking),
 A --7------2------4------0-- I tend to stay higher on the B5 and F5.
 E --0------0------0------0-- *****************************************

If you seem to have a spot that doesn't fit, you should play this instead
of continuing with the first CHORUS. This shuold for the most part be
handled by the synthesizer -- I'm not sure what the guitar plays during
this -- maybe nothing (?)
[A] [B] [Cm]  
 e --0(5)--0(7)---0(9)--
 B --0(5)--0(7)---0(9)--
 G --6-----8------9-----
 D --7-----9------11----
 A --7-----9------11----
 E --5-----7------9-----

After a bunch of CHORUS / BRIDGE the acoustic comes back for the INTRO
(the last two lines of lyrics)
I know this tab isn't perfect but it's pretty close -- if you have updates
or corrections please send them to me. thanks :)

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A A2 B C# C#m Cm E E/B
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