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God Only Knows  MKTO

God Only Knows ? MKTO
Capo 2
(Tips for chords: A/C# x4222x, A/F# 20222x, F#7 x44320, Gsus2 3x0233)
(Verse 1 electric guitar licks without capo at the bottom)
[Verse 1] 
[D(4)]I've always said that[A/C#(2)] I could ne[Bm(2)]ver fall
[G(4)]Because I love them a[G(2)]ll [A(2)]
[D(4)]My heart don't race w[A/F#(2)]hen they try[Bm(2)] to call
[G(2)]Because [G/F#(2)]I love th[Em(2)]em all [A(2)]
[Pre Cborus 1] 
But she got me s[Gsus2(4)]tuttering like w-w-what can I [D(2)]do because I can't c[A(2)]ontrol it
Gsus2(4) F#7 (8)
She got me hovering above the ground and I don't know what to do
[Bm]God[(2)] only k[G(2)]nows how m[D(2)]uch I nee[Em]d y[(2)]ou
[Bm]I could ex[G]plode if I[D] can't b[Em]reathe you
[Bm]I'm on the[G] ropes [D]5 4 3 [Em] 2
[Bm]Cause you'[G]re the one I guess I'm [D]done that's how it [Em]goes
[Bm]Where would I b[G]e without you y[D]eah God only kn[Em]ows
Bm G D Em x2
[Verse 2] 
[Bm]There a[G]in't a cri[D]me I wouldn't[Em] do for you
[Bm]Let's make our [G]get away [D]mmm [Em]
[Bm]These diam[G]onds s[D]hine but not as [Em]bright as you
[Bm]I'll throw t[G]hem al[D]l away [Em]
[Pre Cborus 2] 
I'm here surrend[G(4)]ering And I give up, throwing [D(2)]my hands around you [A(2)]
G(4) F#7 (8)
And I can't remember when I felt like the way I felt for you
[Cborus] ? post chorus chords 3x and then repeat last line of chorus
[G(4)] You touch me[A(4)] with your bod[Bm(4)]y and all that I can [D(2)]think is how to l[A(2)]ose your clothes
[G(4)]What's ne[A(4)]xt
God only[Bm(2)] knows[G(2)] [D(2)] [Em(2)]
God only k[Bm]now[G]s [D] [Em]
God only k[Bm]now[G]s [D] [Em]
[Cborus] and post chorus chords 3x, then repeat last line of Chorus
Finish on Bm (1)
Verse 1 guitar licks without capo
etc. ?stuttering?
 e|---------------------9------------------------------------12\--| |--0---|
 B|--9------------------9------------------------------------12\--| |--0---|
 G|--9--------9---------9-----9-----9---9-9--9-9--9---------------| |--2---|
 D|--9--------9------9--9-----9h11--9--11-9-11-9--9----9----------| |--2---|
 A|--7---9/11---11---9--x--------------------------9h11--7--------| |------|
 E|-----------------11--9-----------------------------------------| |------|

(to play the whole song without capo i.e. with barre chords, just transpose this
tab down 2 semi tones).

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A(2) A(4) Bm D D(2) D(4) Em G G(2) G(4)
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