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Low Life in High Places  Thunder



Tabbed by: FunkHammer
Tuning: Standard
NOTES: Great song by a great, unheralded band. This tab is for the acoustic version
of the song as found on the "They Think It's All Over..." album. However, aside from
the electric parts, the acoustic voicings match up fairly close to those on the studio
version. I've kept the tab to a fairly simple diagramming of just the chord progressions,
leaving it up to the listener to discern the strumming/picking patterns on the
recordings -- they're pretty easy to figure out. Here we go...
[Am7] [Am6] [Am(#5)] [Am]  
 E |--0--------0-----------|--0--------------0---|
 B |--1--------1-----------|--1--------------1---|
 G |--0--------2-----------|--2--------------2---|
 D |--2--------4-----------|--3--------------2---|
 A |--0--------0-----------|--0--------------2---|
 E |-----------------------|---------------------|

Mama -- tell your children not to go
[Am7] [Am6] [Am(#5)] [Am]  
 E |--0-------------0-------------|--0----------------0-----|
 B |--1-------------1-------------|--1----------------1-----|
 G |--0-------------2-------------|--2----------------2-----|
 D |--2-------------4-------------|--3----------------2-----|
 A |--0-------------0-------------|--0----------------2-----|
 E |------------------------------|-------------------------|

down to the city where the desperate people go.
Repeat changes above for these lyrics:
And [Am7]Mama [Am6] -- [Am(#5)]don't you let them [Am]stray;
[Am7]They won't find[Am6] peace of mind in such a [Am(#5)]lonely [Am]place.
[Dm] [G]  
 E |--1-----1p0-------3-------|--1-----1p0-------3---3/5\3--|
 B |--3---------3-----3-------|--3---------3-----3---3/5\3--|
 G |--2------------2--0-------|--2------------2--0---0------|
 D |--0---------------0-------|--0---------------0---0------|
 A |------------------2-------|------------------2---2------|
 E |------------------3-------|------------------3---3------|

Wannabes and losers all try to get a break . . .
[C] [F] [G] [Dm]  
 E |--0--------------------------------1---|--3------------1-----------|
 B |--1--------------------------------1---|--3------------3-----------|
 G |--0--------------------------------2---|--0------------2-----------|
 D |--2--------------------------------3---|--0------------0-----------|
 A |--3--------------------------------3---|--2-----------------0h3p0--|
 E |-----------------------------------1---|--3------------------------|

They don't give a damn, they'll do whatever it takes.
[Dm] [G]  
 E |--1--------1p0-------3------------------|
 B |--3------------3-----3------------------|
 G |--2---------------2--0------------------|
 D |--0------------------0------------------|
 A |---------------------2------------------|
 E |---------------------3------------------|

If they climb the ladder they get to
[Em] [F]  
 E |--0------------1--------------------------|
 B |--0------------1--------------------------|
 G |--0------------2--------------------------|
 D |--2------------3--------------------------|
 A |--2------------3--------------------------|
 E |--0------------1--------------------------|

play for higher stakes; that's why there's
[C] [A#] [F] [A#] [F] [G]  
 E |--0------x------------|--1----------x-----1-----3---||
 B |--1------3------------|--1----------3-----1-----3---||
 G |--0------3------------|--2----------3-----2-----0---||
 D |--2------3------------|--3----------3-----3-----0---||
 A |--3------1------------|--3----------1-----3-----2---||
 E |----------------------|--1----------------1-----3---||

low life in high places.
Then repeat from SECTION A with these lyrics:
[Am7]Mama -[Am6]- things have c[Am(#5)]hanged since you were y[Am]oung;
[Am7]When they scream in the [Am6]dead of night now [Am(#5)]no one ever c[Am]omes.
[Am7]And the poor man[Am6], he's cast as the [Am(#5)]beggar and the th[Am]ief;
[Am7]You see him d[Am6]own on the street begging for e[Am(#5)]nough to eat[Am].
Then to SECTION B:
[Dm]Waiting on the [G]corner I saw her w[Dm]aiting for the m[G]an;
[C]When the limo pulled up [F]I saw w[G]hat was changing ha[Dm]nds.
[Dm]I should'a tried to [G]warn her and [Em]make her under[F]stand there is
[C]Low [A#]life in high [F]places. There is
(proceed right into:)
[F] [G] [Am]  
 E |--1----3-------------|--0--------------------------|
 B |--1----3-------------|--1--------------------------|
 G |--2----0-------------|--2--------------------------|
 D |--3----0-------------|--2--------------------------|
 A |--3----2-------------|--0--------------------------|
 E |--1----3-------------|-----------------------------|

Low life like you never even knew; there is
[F] [G] [D7sus4] [D7] [D7(9)] [D7]  
 E |--1----3------------|---3---------------2----0----2-------|
 B |--1----3------------|---1---------------1----1----1-------|
 G |--2----0------------|---2---------------2----2----2-------|
 D |--3----0------------|---0---------------0----0----0-------|
 A |--3----2------------|-------------------------------------|
 E |--1----3------------|-------------------------------------|

low life, and he lives in me and you; but we
[D7sus4] [G]  
 E |---3-----------------3-------|
 B |---1-----------------3-------|
 G |---2-----------------0-------|
 D |---0-----------------0-------|
 A |---------------------2-------|
 E |---------------------3-------| Go straight into . . .

don't all let it through
SECTION D: (Repeat 2-Bar phrase as necessary for solo)
[A7(11)] [D]  
 E |--3-------------|--2------------|
 B |--3-------------|--3------------|
 G |--2-------------|--2------------|
 D |--2-------------|--0------------|
 A |--0-------------|---------------|
 E |----------------|---------------| Then back to SECTION B:

[Dm] Waiting on the[G] corner I saw her [Dm]waiting for the [G]man;
[C]When the limo pulled up [F]I saw w[G]hat was changing ha[Dm]nds.
[Dm]I should'a tried to [G]warn her and [Em]make her under[F]stand . . .
SECTION E (Guitar Breakdown):
 E |---------------------|--------------------|
 B |---------------------|--------------------|
 G |------5--5h7p5-------|--------3p0-3-------|
 D |------5--5h7p5-------|--------3p0-3-------|
 A |--/7------------7\---|--4h5---------------|
 E |---------------------|--------------------|

[F] [G]  
 E |--1----------3---|
 B |--1----------3---|
 G |--2----------0---|
 D |--3----------0---|
 A |--3----------2---|
 E |--1----------3---| Then back to SECTION A, and out....


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A# A7(11) Am Am(#5) Am6 Am7 C D D7 D7sus4 Dm Em F G
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