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Anxiety  Goldfinger

Song: Anxiety
Band: Goldfinger
Album: Goldfinger (1996)
Written by John Feldmann
Tabbed by Gomer (
Here is my favorite song by Goldfinger. I have a bunch of live videos of Goldfinger
and I'm sure this is about as close as it gets to the actual tab.
*-play this Guitar if you are only using 1 guitar
*(Both Guitars) (Guitar 1) *(Guitar 2)
[B] [D] [A] [B] [G] [B] [F#] [G#] [Eii]  
 E |-----| E |------------------| E |-----------------|
 B |-----| B |------------------| B |-----------------|
 G |--4--| G |--7-----------12--| G |--4-----------9--|
 D |--4--| D |--x---7---9----x--| D |--4---4---6---9--|
 A |--2--| A |--5---x---x---10--| A |--2---4---6---7--|
 E |-----| E |------5---7-------| E |------2---4------|

*(Both Guitars)
[B] [F#] [G#] [E]  
 E |-----------------|
 B |-----------------|
 G |--4-----------1--| Play 2x
 D |--4---4---6---2--|
 A |--2---4---6---2--|
 E |------2---4---0--|

*(Both Guitars)
B A E B then B A E F#
 E |------------------------------------2--|
 B |------2---------------------2-------2--|
 G |--4---2---1---4---------4---2---1---3--|
 D |--4---2---2---4---------4---2---2---4--|
 A |--2---0---2---2---------2---0---2---4--|
 E |----------0---------------------0---2--|

*(Both Guitars)
[B] [F#] [E]  
 E |-------------|
 B |-------------|
 G |--4-------1--| Play 2x
 D |--4---4---2--|
 A |--2---4---2--|
 E |------2---0--|

(Guitar 1)
D F D# D / D# then D D# D A#
 E |------------------------------------------|
 B |------------------------------------------|
 G |--7---10---8---7-/-8-------7---8---7------|
 D |--7---10---8---7-/-8-------7---8---7---8--|
 A |--5----8---6---5-/-6-------5---6---5---8--|
 E |---------------------------------------6--|

*(Guitar 2)
D# F# Eii D# Eii then D# E D# B
 E |-------------------------------------------|
 B |-------------------------------------------| Charlie plays this higher up
 G |--8---11---9---8-/-9--------8---9---8------| on the neck but this is much
 D |--x----x---x---x-/-x--------x---x---x---9--| easier (and it sounds the same).
 A |--6----9---7---6-/-7--------6---7---6---x--|
 E |----------------------------------------7--|

*(Guitar 1)
[F#] [B]  
 E |---------|
 B |---------|
 G |------4--|
 D |--4---4--|
 A |--4---2--|
 E |--2------|

Repeat *VERSE 1, except Guitar 2 plays only with palm muted guitar.
Repeat *PRE-CHORUS, except F# is palm muted, then
(Guitar 1) *(Guitar 2)
[B] [F#] [E] [B] [F#]  
 E |-------------| E |---------------------------|
 B |-------------| B |-----------------12-12-11--|
 G |--4-------1--| Play 2x G |------11---11-11-----------| Play 2x
 D |--4---4---2--| D |--9---11-------------------|
 A |--2---4---2--| A |--9----9-------------------|
 E |------2---0--| E |--7------------------------|

*(Guitar 2)
 E |------------|----------------------|--------------------------|
 B |------------|----------------------|--------------------------|
 G |------------|----------------------|-8------------------------|
 D |--6-8-9-6---|--6---6-9-8---8-9---9-|---9---11-----------------|
 A |----------9-|----9-------9-----7---|-----9----9--4b/2-2-4-2b--|
 E |------------|----------------------|--------------------------|

Guitar 1 Repeats VERSE 1 2x during this part of the solo then it
plays OUTRO(look below) 1x during this next part:
*(Guitar 2)
 E |----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
 B |---------------------------------------9-9-9--------------------------------|
 G |--8-8-8-9-9-9-8-8-11-11-11-9-9-9-11-11-------11-11-11-9-9-11-11-11-9-9-9-8--|
 D |----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
 A |----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
 E |----------------------------------------------------------------------------|

Then, Guitar 1 plays PRE-CHORUS 1x during this next part:
*(Guitar 2)
 E |------------------------------------------------------|
 B |-----------12-12-12----12-12-------12-11-12-11--------| Play 2x
 G |--11-11-11----------11-------11-11-------------11-11--| This part is really hard
 D |------------------------------------------------------| to figure out. This is
 A |------------------------------------------------------| how I play it. Just screw
 E |------------------------------------------------------| around with those 3 notes.

Then, Repeat CHORUS 2, except play 4x, the fourth time Guitar 2 plays Eii instead of notes.
*(Both Guitars)
[B] [F#] [G#] [Eii]  
 E |-----------------------------------|
 B |-----------------------------------| Play 2x
 G |---xx4-4-------------------xx9-9---|
 D |---xx4-4---xx4-4---xx6-6---xx9-9---| Guitar 1 plays this also during middle part
 A |---xx2-2---xx4-4---xx6-6---xx7-7---| of solo.
 E |-----------xx2-2---xx4-4-----------|

That's it. Questions, comments, death me at

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