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My acquaintance with the guitar also started from this song. Lol. I could not even think that an interesting release could be filmed about this. Definitely like     


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Ahaha. It happened historically. I never wondered why 12 notes. I'm not trying to ask additional questions, so just know the rules.     


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Also sometimes have such problems and really then I need to clear the entire browser history. It's definitely not very convenient, but I don't even know how to proceed differently.     


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Many people say that there was a true hatred between Paul and John, but they were like brothers..  I think we’ve all in one point or another gotten into it with our closest friends...


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Take advantage of the YouTube tutorial videos. There are really many useful videos because you need to see how the other person playing. I think it’s hard to learn to play the ukulele from books.     

Hi. I think you might find it helpful to have a look at chordie(can't post a message with a link ). Also this song is on YouTube if you just want to hear it.     


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Excellent performance ... listened with pleasure ... I wish you creative success     


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Everything works. Maybe it was a temporary glitch     


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Hi. I have the same problem. Were you able to quickly solve it?     


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Ahaha ... Hi to all the fellowship