Ive had some reports lately about people getting "an account was just registered from this IP address" when trying to register.

If anyone else experiences this, I really want to get in touch with them.

What I need first of all is a screenshot of the error (including the exact url).

If you are having problems registering, you will most likely also have issues with replying to this message. Feel free to email me at admin@chordie.com.

If there are any ads blocking any content, please take a screenshot and send til to admin@chordie.com together with basic info about device (phone/tablet/desktop), operating system and browser.

I need ads to be able to run the site. However, they should not be intrusive and/or block content.


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Hi Roger,
Really sorry to hear that. I can assure you that this is not intentional from my side. These kind of ads are not allowed on Chordie, but since I am using 3rd party services here, it might happen that such ads get through the filters.

It is however challenging to debug since it is not happening on my computer/iPad. Do you have the url for the ad? Depending on how it is displayed on the iPad, it might be possible to see the url. If I had that, it would be a lot easier for me to track this down.

Only if the song is hosted as pure text (and in chopro-format) it is possible.


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Thanks a lot!! I really appreciated that..:)

Even a PERsonal poem! Awesome! ...;)


Great you picked up this thread and reminded me about it. The last couple of Months have been very hectic. I still have not decided on the free t-shirts I promised for the best suggestion. There are some strong candidates....:)

Thanks a lot for summing up, Amy.

To get the discussion rolling again, lets try to make it more targeted. Lets say - purely hypothetical - that Chordie was in the position of getting 100 custom made guitars from an high quality guitar manufacturer. Obviously there is no one-size-fits-all for guitars, but perhaps there are some designs or features that are better suited to, or more characteristic of, a specific theme or "purpose"? Lets say - still purely hypothetical - that the theme that was chosen was "campfire" and that the target price was sub-$500.

In other words - how should the specification for such a guitar be?

Lets bring this back on track.

My apologies for giving you the wrong ideas here, and maybe overstating the campfire-aspect. Im not looking for a weird unorthodox traveller designs.

Try instead to imagine the perfect "second guitar" that you could play anywhere - sitting in on your couch at home, or at the beach with friends. Playing the kind of music you'll find in the "Campfire-song"-collection on Chordie. Not something that you have to be very afraid for getting small scratches in, but something with high quality and sound.

The race for t-shirts are still on....

I have a real challenge for you all!

I dont think there is such a thing as a perfect guitar, since the uses of the guitar is so varied. However, is the such a thing as a perfect special purpose guitar? Lets say a "campfire guitar". A guitar that you could bring with you and play about the bonfires at Chordiestock. It should of course be durable, and have good sound and playability.

In other words, if you had access to a high quality guitar manufacturer: what materials should be used (e,g, solid woods, laminate, mix) and which types of wood for the top, sides, back, and neck (fingerboard vs back); which body shape would you prefer (for a "campfire guitar") and how would you prefer it to sound (sound signature); any other preferences not covered here such as wood grain/finish, shape of headstock, style of tuners, materials for the bridge or nut, inlays, no inlays, dots, ornamentation (sound-hole rosette), scale length, fret to body. All suggestions are welcome!

Come with your suggestions, and I will send the new Chordie T-shirt (with the soon-to-be-released new Chordie logo) to the one having the best suggestions.

And... there needs to be some realism in the suggestions. Use materials/designs that would be reasonable to find in a sub-$1000 guitar.


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Thanks for all feedback. Both positive and negative feedback will help to make the site better.

A lot of bugs have been fixed the last days. Most important is it that chord-pro-mode, font-scaling and printing now works. I am still in a "bug-fixing-mode", and really need you all to report any bugs/inaccuracies that you experience.


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There is still a lot of small things that needs to be sorted out.

The missing timestamp I know of. It should be sorted out on Monday. The edit and quote buttons also needs in.


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I know there are some (but not all) Android tablets having this problem. If someone send me a screenshot I will be able to fix it.

Any reports from other platforms with issues, are appreciated. Ads should not cover songs/menus.


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Hi zguitar,
Yes, I play (privately). Chordie actually existed a couple of years, just as a private tool for formatting songs I found online.

Unfortunately I spend too little time in the forums, but I pop in from time to time...:) Hopefully it will be more in the future...:)


It would heve been really fun to join you, but unfortunately it turned out to be impossible.

I did however add the event to the front page of the site.


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What do you mean by disappeared? Are you getting errors when accessing it?

A bit frustrating this one. I am unable to reproduce the error myself, and it is therefore hard to fix. Is there any pattern in when you are getting the errors?

Is anybody still experiencing this problem?


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This is a bug. It will be fixed soon.


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I did disable the iPhone-version. Too many small issues. IPhone is now using the iPad-version.

The iPad-version is created by css. It is a lot of changes here, but they might actually be hard to see if you are not looking for them. Easiest to spot is that PC-versions has three coulmns. IPad-versions has only two. "most-popular"/"Video" etc is not shown for iPad. Songs have a lot of optimisations.


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Seems like the site has ripped the layout from the Chordie site. They have not asked for permission, and is not giving any credit. Chordie is in no way associated with this site.


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Lots of problems with the server lately. Hard to figure out what was wrong. Got good help from my service provider (Leaseweb), and they came up with a good theory. Just made a few major changes. Lets see what happens in the next 4-5hours.

There is not a stable API that can be used for mobile applications.


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Try deleting all cookies.

Could you send me some screenshots of where you are having problems using the Android browser? I suppose you are using Chrome(?).

Send the screenshots to admin@chordie.com


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There might be old cookies creating problems. Please try to delete any cookies related to Chordie (both from chordie.com and www.chordie.com).

Here is some info about how to delete cookies: http://www.aboutcookies.org/Default.aspx?page=2