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Thanks, Jim. I never thought about that but I agree; writing relaxes me too.     


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Thanks, Ken. I've actually been writing almost every day, but I didn't want to flood the songwriting forum with all my songs, some good some bad. Some people I have been working with say that you should try to keep in the practice of writing all the time and don't worry about whether the songs are good or bad, just keep writing. The more you write the more the gates of creativity open, so I try to keep it going. I promise to add some to the forum here but I'm not going to post everything I write. That's just way too much.     


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Thanks, Pete - Yes, this is where my writing efforts have been lately.     


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I haven't put much up lately, but here is one I recently wrote and recorded. It is about keeping my mind creative by writing even on days I don't feel like it. https://soundcloud.com/jets60/sowing-creativity

Sowing Creativity Jeff Gilpin


Intro G C G C G C G D


I could [G]write about the weather

Or I could [G]sing about the stars

[G]Dream about the planets

[G7]Jupiter maybe Mars

Or I could [Em]sink

Into my [D]head

Dig a[G]round in there [C] [G] [D]


My [G]thoughts could take me anywhere

That I could [G]possibly want to go

[G]Speeding through reality

Or fanta[G7]size taking it slow

Because I’ve [Em]got

[D] Plenty of

Mate[G]rial in there [C] [G] [G7]


So I go [C]digging in my head

Sowing creative[G]ty [C] [G]

[C]Turning my thoughts

Into reali[D]ty [D7]


Solo on chorus chords then intro chords C G  - C D D7  - G C G C D


The [G]weather’s just a metaphor

The [G]stars a state of mind

The [G]planets are just people

Yet to meet or left far be[G7]hind

Though I [Em]never really

Leave [D]anyone

Far be[G]hind [C] [G] [D]


So I [G]start a little thinking

[G]Letting my mind go

[G]Any old direction it wants to

At any [G7]speed fast or slow


Kicking it [D]in

And leading me [G]on [C] [G] [G7]


As I go [C]digging in my head

Sowing creative[G]ty [C] [G]

[C]Turning all my thoughts

Into reali[D]ty [D7]


outro G C G C G let the last G ring



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Hey, you two. I love the song and I love the idea. I think everyone in the world can relate, especially people who make music. Well done!     

Found it on Ultimate Guitar. Here you go: https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/u2 … ds-1473997     


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I love it Mark! Welcome back  - what a great song to come back with. Strong vocals and wonderful mix!     


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Very nice Hymn Jim!     

Knocked another one out of the park. I love this song!     


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Yes - Been a bad year for losing too many good people, that's for sure.     


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Loved it Ken. Your music is always soothing to my soul. I'll be clicking through all your SoundCloud songs - sharing this with Michiyo too. She's a big fan too.     


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Hey Jim - Hehehe...yep. We could pass this song around and have never-ending verses...a good "make it up as you go" campfire song I think.


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Thanks, Pete and Phill. Phill, I know I could have made this into an epic song if I wanted, but I figure I should leave a little hope out there. Pete, I have your grandpa's words in my head as well keeping me going when I want to quit.     


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I started this song years ago but picked it up again tonight. I think many of us can relate to how  the most minor inconvenience seems to torpedo your day right out of the gate.

Better quit now Jeff Gilpin – 11-9-2020


Intro - picking or strumming G


[G]Popped off a button [C]putting on my [G]shirt.

[G]Causes me no [C]pain but it’s going to [D]hurt.

[C]My favorite lucky [D]shirt that I [G]usually [Em]wear

[G]Gotta come [D]out for [G]repair.


[C]The day’s routine gets a [G]shake up.

[D]Missed a big step starting [G]off.

[C]Trying but it seems I just can’t [G]make up.

[G]Better quit [D]now; the day is [G]lost.


[G]Put my socks on, [C]toes poke right [G]through.

[G]Some days there’s like [C]nothing I can [D]do.

[C]Holes just get [D]bigger when I [G]try and work ‘em a[Em]round.

[G]Some days there's no [D]luck to be [G]found.


[C]The day’s routine gets a [G]shake up.

[D]Missed a big step starting [G]off.

[C]Trying but it seems that I can’t [G]make up.

[G]Better quit [D]now; the day is [G]lost.


Just a [Em]little complication but it [C]seems to find a way

Of re[D]moving what’s been holding me to[Em]gether.

Even though these slip-ups [C]don’t amount to much

They can [D]turn my sunny days into [D7] mighty nasty weather.


[G]Broke my laces [C]tying up my [G]shoes.

[G]Tried to rearrange but [C]nothing I could [D]do.

[C]When my laces won’t [D]lace my [G]shoe’s un[Em]tied.

[G]Might as well just [D]go on back in[G]side.


[C]The day’s routine gets a [G]shake up

[D]Missed a big step starting [G]off

[C]Trying but it seems I cannot [G]make up

[G]Better quit [D]now the day is [Em]lost.Oh!

I had [G]Better quit [D]now the day is [G]lost



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Thanks Phill - Yep, good to be back but I enjoyed my time away. I can hear that banjo as well. It's a tough balance work and music, but I'm glad you were able to maintain.     


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On my soundcloud page if you want to hear: https://soundcloud.com/jets60/my-paying-job     


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I was watching the movie Once about a talented singer songwriter trying to make it. I imagined what that must be like if I had that kind of talent. A busker's life is a tough and risky life indeed, but how is it so different from the paying job life. This song is about the paying job life.

My Paying Job by Jeff Gilpin




Intro – fingerpicking C


My paying [C]job

Keeps the [F]roof over my [C]head.

It [F]helps me to en[C]sure that my [G]bank account’s not dead.

It [F]keeps me in the [C]niceties that [E]I require to [F]live,

And [C]all I have to [G]do is just put [F]in the time I give

To my paying [C]job.


My paying [C]job

[F]Doesn’t take much [C]time.

I [F]have to get in [C]early, but [G]that’s really not a crime,

And [F]yes maybe I [C]have to work [E]just a little [F]late,

[C]Even then I [G]still get [F]home by eight

From my paying [C]job. [C7]


And [Am]when I get home I grab my [F]guitar,

And I [C]strum a little while until I [G]doze.

Then I [Am]play a little longer, and I [F]amble off to bed,

And [C]sleep if I’m able, and then I'll [G]start the day again,

As I’ll [F]head off once [G]more to

My paying [C]job


My paying [C]job.

It’s not about [F]glamour or about [C]glitz.

It’s about [F]climbing up the [C]ladder from the [G]middle of the midst,

And I’ll [F]climb about as [C]high as my [E]boss thinks I am [F]able,

And I'll [C]put a bit more [G]food upon my [F]table

From my paying [C]job.


My paying [C]job

Been [F]working a long [C]while,

And [F]now I find I’ve [C]grown accustomed [G]living in this style.

I [F]don’t complain a [C]bit about the [E]lack of what I’m [F]taking.

[C]I continue [G]bringing home the [F]bacon

Thanks to my paying [C]job. [C7]


[Am]One day if I’m able I'll put this [F]life away.

[C]Go off somewhere and play my old gui[G]tar.

And I’ll [Am]play all through the day, [F]try and make it to bed,

And [C]sleep as long as I’m able until the [G]nurse comes by again

With my [F]morning meds, all [G]paid for by

My paying [C]job.


Fade fingerpicking Cmaj7


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Hey all.

Phill and I had a great time writing and working on our Barney and I recording. Phill did the tough mixing of our recordings and music and I think the whole project turned out very nice. Thanks Pete for putting the video together. It was a nice touch and presented Barney well.


Jeff G     

Great song Scott! Fun working with you on this. I love the finished product.     


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Hey EB - Great song there. You had my toe tapping.     


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New format works fine for me  - I didn't see the option to switch back.     


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Thanks Phill and thanks for the comparison to Burl Ives. He was a great folk artist and actor. You took me back, thinking about all his works.     


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Thanks for your kind words Pete, and thanks for sharing your insight and your own personal writing experiences.     


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Here's the song if you want to hear how it goes: https://soundcloud.com/jets60/writing-as-i-move-my-lips     


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Thanks Phill and Jim. This one came to me pretty easy. I usually find it tough to come up with the music once I have the words but not the other way around. And some days both are difficult.