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I had that same problem with a levelling of skills and more importantly, a levelling of inspiration at about the same stage. 

I was stuck too because most people I knew where into folk music (which is ok, I don't dislike folk music).  A work colleague asked me along to the Irish Club for their jam sessions.  It proved that musicians across all genres have one thing in common, the love of music.

I reckon all the advice posted is very good and has been advised to me at some point even though I still miss the odd barre chord here and there.

Try penning your own stuff.  I put together some rubbish songs on scrap paper and then they get buried in the top draw somewhere, but it chnaged the thought process a bit, then reality takes over and it's back to the office. 

Good luck and keep at it, it'll come together quiet nicely.


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I know this is the acoustic thread but I thought I'd post this question anyway in the hope someone can help me.

I have just purchased Surfer Rosa by The Pixies and the track list on the sleeve seems incorrect.  The record also has Come On Pilgrim (EP) tacked onto the end.

The track list is as follows<font color="red">(errors are in read brackets)</font>:

1 Bone Machine

2 Break my body

3 Something against you

4 Broken face

5 Gigantic

6 River Euphrates

7 Where is my mind

8 Cactus

9 Tony's theme

10 Oh my golly

11 Vamos (<font color="red">plays as a 44 second bite of Francis moaning about kim's stuff)</font>

12 I'm amazed <font color="red">(plays as what i think is actually Vamos Surfer Rosa version)</font>

13 Brick is red <font color="red">(plays as 'Im'm Amazed')


14 Caribou <font color="red">(contains the lyric "...the pretty colour..." one infers the track is infact "The Brick is Red)</font>

15 Vamos <font color="red">(plays as track 14 'Caribou')</font>

16 Isla de Encanta <font color="red">(plays as what I think is Vamos Come on Pilgrim version)</font>

17 Ed is dead <font color="red">(plays as Isla de Encanta)


18 The holiday song <font color="red">(plays as Ed is dead)</font>

19 Nimrods son <font color="red">(plays as Holiday Song)</font>

20 Ive been tired <font color="red">(Plays as Nimrod's Son)


21 levitate me <font color="red">(plays as I've been tired)</font>

22 [untitled track] <font color="red">(plays as Leviate Me)</font>

I have established that despite this minor error, this album and EP is indeed one of the best I have ever heard.  It seems to me that following may be incorrect:

1.  The first incidence of Vamos (Track 11, the 44 second bit of Francis bitching about kim) is actually not related to Vamos at all as it is not remoteley similar to the second incidence of Vamos (15). 

2.  The 44 second sound grab of Francis bitching should in fact be the Untitled Track as listed at track 22, rather than as Vamos track 11.

Really need a Pixies expert to help me on this as I've googled this for 2 hours and am still stuck.

Sorry about waffling a bit, but I would love to hear from anyone who has the same CD(GAD803CD) or knows is my theory is right/wrong/shameful.

I saw the Pixies live last week here in Adelaide and they blew me away, despite never really being 'into them'. That has now changed.

Cheers everyone....

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Devon, England. Been playing electric guitar for over 40 years on and off. Love to play songs from the 60's but also some new stuff. Any 'oldies' from Devon out there? Please get in touch.

Heyyyy!!!  Devon is beautiful!  My wife and I from Adelaide, South Asutralia worked in Exeter (ROK Build, Marsh Barton) for nearly a year in 2005.

We thoroughly loved Exeter and Devon and have yet to see anything like Dartmoor (well maybe the highlands as viewed from Balloch, eh?).   We were so sad to leave as we could have so easily have stayed.  I didn't have my guitar with me, so naturally, we had to return home to Oz.  ECFC for eva!!

This thread is outstanding.  Hello, all and happy strumming.

I had experienced two side to this dilemma.  Firstly, the action of my guitar was never set correctly/comfortably and sounded dull and buzzy.

Then, out of plain old ignorance, I went from a heavier gauge string to a light gauge.  While the light string had the sound I wanted, it played like sh*t beacause the origanal setup rendered the string too high off the fretboard.

I started looking into the truss rod and took heed of the tips not to mess with it.  In the end, I took it to my local axeman (Allen's Music, Adelaide)  and he did a full service and tune, got it sitting nicely at the bridge and fret for a light gauge.

He cleaned he whole thing, too and my acoustic has never played better.  It sounds amazing.  All up it cost $70.00 Australian dollars (probably $US0.75c  <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_razz.gif" border=0 alt="Razz">).  This include a new set of d'addario lights, a vacuum of my hardcase and  courtesy phonecall to my office to let me know I could swan down in my lunch break to be re-united with my girl.

I would suggest that the investment is worth it if you have never had it done.  Something to think about....


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Hey everyone,

I recall this thread from a while back.  The thing that stopped me dropping the pick was purely the way it was held. I read this online somewhere when I was learning the axe.

Bend your index finger under your thumb until the top segment of your finger is hidden by your thumb as though you were grabbing someones chubby cheeks.

This in efffect creates a loop.  The pick should now be able to sit between the underside of your thumb (ie the finger print bit)and the side of the top segment of your index finger.

Bloody hard to describe, I know.  The thing I found is that it was a bit like a golf grip, really unorthodox for a while but when your used to it, it feels natural.  The trick seems to be not to hold it as a 'pinch' whith the tips of your fingers....I just tried that then and it lasted about 3 strums.

Good thing is that it doesn't require much strength to hold on place, especially for thin picks, as the wide section of the pick it balanced so impact is spread across the entire pick width.

Hope this helps, if not, try summat else....


I'm Hendo (29) from Adelaide, South Australia. Region famous for not much other than wierd murders and Hardy's Wines (indeed the winery is just a giant shed).

I've been playing for 4 years and learned the essentials by playing along with Chordie.  My acoustic is my prized posession and I'll play just about anything.

I'm from Scottish parents from Glasgow so it's great to see some Jocks on here.  While we aint St.Mirren, Adelaide United is my club, even if former Celtic Bobby Peta plays for us. 

Keep rockin', this site tops them all. Posters sound like a great bunch.  Imagine if there was ever a Chordie Convention!?!?!  What a jam it would be, eh? <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_biggrin.gif" border=0 alt="Very Happy">


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I am wondering what methods Chordie folk are using to record guitar to PC.  It has been recommended to me to plug my Acoustic straight into the mic input.  I have been tempted to try it, but concerned it my destroy something.

Can anyone recommend a cheap metod to capture my playing on to PC?  I'd like a nice mic on a stand but I'm not too keen to unload too much cash before I have a go on the cheap.

Would love to here what people are doing in this area, especially the thrifty methods.


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I'm dealing with the same thing.  I've got a collection (printed) of about 250 songs and can play some better than others.  Every time I turn the page of my songbook I feel uninspired.

I now get a buzz from messing around with my own structures and shapes to create some verses and chorus and if I'm feeling especially creative, I;lll note down some lyrics that I think up (I'm not a singer, though).

I have found I have gone back to listening to music more again and trying my own stuff on the guitar.  If you like The Beatles then you already know what a great song sounds like.  Try not to think it;s too hard, coz it should be fun.

Had a bad day at work, school or a dodgy weekend?  Write a verse about it and stick some chords to to or a riff and see what happens.  Mine sound like crap but it's fun tryin'......


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Thought I'd affirm that this is a common thing to feel.  I struggled with it in the past, especially G to C when I was starting as it was such a big move for my fingers.  I almost packed it in but as the good advice said before, practice it all day and all night all week.  You will see improvement soon.


Just went to print out my entire songbook (testing my new printer) and just noticed that some songs (when displayed via the songbook) have the first couple of lines and chords missing.

I've been using Chordie for ages now and have never noticed it before.  It's almost like the title of the song and the song name take up the space that the first line should be in.  Oddly, when viewed from the chordie site, they appear fine.

Not all songs have this problem, the one I remember most was Behind Blue Eyes - Limp Bizkit.

Any idea how I can fix this prob? 

Great work on the site by the way.