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same here as well!


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Yep, I own a Breedlove Atlas AJ250/SF-12 and think it is the best sounding guitar I could afford (about $1000).  They are just solid as a rock and have the JLD Bridge Truss system.  My next 6 string will be a Breedlove


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I have a cheaper Martin and think it is the most comfortable to me.  I also have a Bredlove 12-String and think my next 6 string will be a Breedlove!


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I can't view public songbooks either.  The error says:

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Elvis was just the original "American Idol."  No musical ability aside from the voice he used to sing songs other people had written.  As for the Count, he is great, but what about Miles Davis?


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supertramp - give a little bit

The old stand-bys are Zep and the Beatles.  But for newer stuff today. . . WIDESPREAD PANIC.  I've been to 20-some shows and I'll hopefully see another 20-some!  Best live band I have ever seen.  Anyone else here like Panic?


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What do you like?  If you like some older stuff, buy a Beatles or Zepelin songbook.  I have those plus a Dylan one and that is all I need!  I guess my suggestion would be to find a songbook that you really like.  They usually have the chords and the tab, all right there.