Sorry T.  I meant a saga!

I'm looking to possibly buy a LP style guitar kit possibly a stagg make and was wondering if anyone out there has done the same thing and what their thoughts are. Are they any good? Are the parts of good quality? Etc. Thanks. H:/


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Totally agree with SouthPaw.
If you go raw, you'll likely to get the response from a passer by. Just keep practicing and the sound will come with the confidence.
Keep rockin'



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I have loads of crappy guitars but have found that if you strip off the cheap and nasty strings that they come with, that not only sound shite but also rip yer fingers to smitherines and then tweak with the action, coz most of them come with about 5mm of action that even yer Rambo's couldn't barre over, restring with decent strings they sound pretty good.

I do have one decent guitar but that was a painful begging excercise ("if  you do the decorating then you can treat yerself"). Got the guitar (Takemine 12 string electro-acoustic).....Still decorating 6 months on, but the guitar playing is improving. Ha.

Keep playing the crap guitars...even Sea Sick Steve  plays with a few strings EGB and he has a record deal and a concert at the Albert Hall this year!!!


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Get Planet Rock. It's classic vibes and no disco rave or any other underground tosh.
Let's Rock On! cool


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Mustang Sally falls into that league as well! mad