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Try singing Amazing Grace to the tune and chord progressions of house of the rising son.  Supossedly it's closer to the original shape-note melody.  Blind boys of Alabama do it and it is amazing.


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I've had a few electrics most recently an 006 vampire.  Great guitar, but doesn't work for playing with most of the groups I play with.  Accoustic just works better.

Martin DM-12

Martin D-1 with Fishamn electronic (saddle and condenser)

Martin DX1 home and camping etc

Sigma DM 1st with Shadow megasonic pick-up (bought it as a back-up, but it is hands down the best value in my stable)

Applause ae128 (fits my wifes hands well but sounds like caca)

Ovation folklore 12-fret because it was different

always looking for the next addition.  It's an illness.


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Personally I prefer a high quality analog tuner if you're only playing by yourself.  They're easier to read imo and a tad more accurate.  either way, practice is the best way to train the ear