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So... Do you pick up any instrument layin around your place or do you use some highly detailed works of art? What do you wish you had?  What do you wish you didnt have?  I guess ill go first...

Im usin a strat along with 11 million other people, but its working uncannily well.  Im lookin' for an acoustic, with my current sights on a sloped shoulder epiphone.  I also have a light blue casino which is amazing for slide.  Some marshall amp that I really dont care much for.

But im considering waiting off on the buying an acoustic, because Im going to minnesota state southeast tech for acoustic and electric construction.

Ive also got 3 large pots and pans, yet im running out of spoons.  An old honer harmonica in the key of G, and an old accordion which I have no idea how to use.  The last instrument that I have available here is a Kawai piano which is great.

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I perfer a gibson les paul stand have played one

for over 25 years now. Also peavey amps older

ones work great road tuff. avoid the new tran

tube stay in the 80's or older. on both guitar

and amp. The newer ones just aren't what the older

ones are.

Keep on Rockin

Les Carney

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hi everyone,

i use a prs cu 24,. i beleive 1996 era,..  i run it thru a line 6 spider II hd and a Kustom 4x12 with some celestions in it.

for recording trippy/melodic/expiremental shit at home,. i use my lines 6 pod xt pro,. and i direct out it into my M-audio preamp.

in regards to my main setup,. i was content for  awhile but now im no longer content.

i need a better amp,.  something that has crazy amounts of crunch and bottom end, but at the same time  something that delivers  amazing highs,.

anyone have any suggestions?

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I use a "parts" tele with chandler

baswwod body and rosewood neck,

duncan 59 neck and hot rails bridge

that coil splits

through MXR supercomp, boss chorus, dunlop wah

and line 6 delay into a GK Backline100.

I also play bass through it.

We play all covers and i do not want the

hassle of switching rigs for different

instruments. Tubes make a difference,

but I do not gig enough to care.

Seagull acoustic for home.

I think equipment depends not just

on the players ears, which can always

hear the difference between

tube and transistor, but also on the

relatively untutored and uncaring ears of your audience,

As long as you can use your tools

to play what you want, people do not hear

the differences in the gear.

If you can afford it, go buy my '83 rig

of a '63 jazzmaster, a brownface bassman and

a fender tube reverb. It cost less back then

but i guess collectibility matters more now

than playability.

If people dance, and like the sound, it rocks

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My main guitar is an early 1940's Gibson Acoustic that my grandfather handed down to me. He bought it when he was fourteen years old, and gave it to me, because I was the only one in the family that would play it often, and I do. As it stands, I'm the only one allowed to touch it, except for some very specific exceptions. I will be tranfering out of my community college to a university and leaving this one behind though, because I dont want anything to happen to it. It will make me very sad.

My other acoustic, that I use when I'm not at home is a Hohner electric/acoustic drednaught with a cutaway. I got it about 3 years ago because I desparately wanted an acoustic guitar, and that was in my price range. I use it at home when I want to play stuff in alternate tunings, or with a capo, because the neck on the gibson is fairly thick

My main electric is a Fender Mexican Fat Strat. I played this guitar in a music store and fell in love with it, and I got it for that Christmas

My other electric is an Ibanez GAX 70. This was my first guitar. I dont play it any more because it needs new pick ups, and the neck feels weird after getting used to the fender.

My bass is a cheap Ibanez bass that I got just to mess around with.

My amp that I use when playing for myself is a Crate DX----- I dont remember the exact model, but it was my first amp, and is extremely versatile, and sturdy.

My amp that I use for playing with a band is a Marshall Mode Four. It's loud and diverse. I love it, but dont have much use for it, because I'm not in a band any more.

My bass amp is a Fender Rumble 60. I like this amp alot. It lights up when you play. That's a nice feature.

I want to get a telecaster for my next electric guitar, and a nice mid-range Washburn acoustic for when I go off to school, so I have something that sounds good, instead of my crap Hohner.

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Pretty basic; 2 Takamine EG 330 LH's into 50 watt Marshall Soloist into Bose L1 Cylynrical Loudspeaker System. Crystal clear sound with a nice punch and surreal projection.

Give everything but up.

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I started with an old Fender Flat F3 Jumbo acoustic. It has a beautiful full bodied sound.

When my F3 got dropped at a drunken party and cracked the neck away from the body I bought a Tanglewood(Can't remember the model it's back home in the UK). The Tanglewood is a lovely guitar but a bit too crisp sounding for me.

I've fixed the F3 and despite receiving a few further bruises over the years that remains my favourite guitar to play.

Back home in the UK I also have an old knackered Epiphone Semi and a Jackson Charvel Electric.

Now living in Japan I've bought myself a lovely Takamine PT07E Electro Acoustic which is a dream to play. I really believe it makes me sound better than I am.

My next choice is difficult I'm trying to decide between a Gibson Les Paul Standard and a Fender Japan Strat? Every time I go to the shop with my mind made up I try them both and loose it again.  <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_confused.gif" border=0 alt="Confused">

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<i>A comment on the Japanese Strat vs.

the Les Paul.</i>


    <font face="Arial">Strat has longer scale, so clean sounds ring out better.

Pauls are made in US, so a japanese strat

is a guitar that most in the states

do not have.

Duncan (and other) replacement PUs

can add a humbucking sound .

A Les Paul player is born and bred

a Paul player: something to do with

midrange and the fret spacing   

A guitar is a personal choice

so listen to the fingers and the ears

and see what fits how you play </font>

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i play a g&l commanche, epiphone dot studio, maverick 12-string, yamaha f300a, and some knackerd old nylon strung acoustic. As for basses i use a fullerton 4-string and a warwick rockbass 5-string. I run everything through a berhinger bass half stack. it woks well for me.

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Lets see -

-MIM Satin Strat

-Fender FR-50 CE (awesome cutaway accoustic/electric resonator with a Texas tele pickup - very versitile - great tone!)

-Rogue mahogany cutawawy dreadnaught (best 120 bucks you can spend on a guitar, the Fishman pickup is worth about 70 by itself)

-Applause roundback (old, cheap, beat up, slightly warped neck - I strap it on my motorcycle or take it camping, or when I feel like making my fingers bleed)

-Custom Quad 65 amp

I've also got a few effects -

-Ibanez Weeping Demon wah

-Aphex optical compressor

-BD2 Blues Driver

-Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi

-Digitec RP 50 mulit-effect unit

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Takamine EF360SC, thought that was good but bought a Breedlove AJ250/SM-12 and the sound is mind blowing.

Just read op again,what do I wish I had?,....TALENT.

"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."

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Re the aspiration to buy a slope-shouldered Epi acoustic which sort of kicked off this forum, I have one of those and it's a way better guitar than I'm a player. I've got the Epiphone Elite J45, which along with the other models in the Elite/Elitist range seems to have bombed as a marketing idea (a top-of-the-line Epi for nearly the price of a Gibson? What were they thinking of!) but they are consequently discounted and great value.

Nothing flash about my Epiphone, but a very rewarding guitar to play. I can never blame the tool. Fitted with an LR Baggs iBeam thingie which goes Ok too through an acoustic amp. But the guitar has lots of volume anyway.

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Just acoustic, me. An Art & Lutherie solid cedar-top dreadnought (made by Godin - same company that makes Seagulls and Normans). Lovely deep, mellow tone, can really pack some volume too. Cost me £200 new, sounds like a guitar twice the price, and worth every penny. I'd reccommend these to anybody. I also have a flute, two pennywhistles, a harmonica (which I can't play to save my life) and a bodhran. ==Cas

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I play an acoustic Washburn F10S no amp. Not really much else to say as its my only one... but I do play any old thing lying around anywhere.

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Hello from Michigan....Old garage band drummer learning guitar now. I Play An Ibanez/Talman tcy-10 acoustic/electric. My son also has a Strat in the house. Chordie Rocks..thanx

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I've had a few electrics most recently an 006 vampire.  Great guitar, but doesn't work for playing with most of the groups I play with.  Accoustic just works better.

Martin DM-12

Martin D-1 with Fishamn electronic (saddle and condenser)

Martin DX1 home and camping etc

Sigma DM 1st with Shadow megasonic pick-up (bought it as a back-up, but it is hands down the best value in my stable)

Applause ae128 (fits my wifes hands well but sounds like caca)

Ovation folklore 12-fret because it was different

always looking for the next addition.  It's an illness.

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i currently use an Ibanez grx70, strat shape

cheapo guitar but pickups are soo powerful, they were picking up the radio the other day

i've also got a hohner acoustic and an encore strat

i used to have an epiphone les paul special II, but had to trade it in for the ibanez, couldn't play it cos it was too wide a neck

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i started with just a squier by fender and a 15w amp.

now i use a 65w crate amp, a 50th anniversary series fender stratocaster, cry baby wah pedal and boss MT2 metal zone distortion pedal.

i'd like to get a mick thomson series just for show purposes because i think it looks sexy. i've heard quite a few negative things about though - apparently they're dead chunky and heavy

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<table border="0" align="center" width="90%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td class="SmallText"><b>blindacre wrote on Sun, 02 July 2006 10&#58;14</b></td></tr><tr><td class="quote">
i started with just a squier by fender and a 15w amp.

now i use a 65w crate amp, a 50th anniversary series fender stratocaster, cry baby wah pedal and boss MT2 metal zone distortion pedal.

i'd like to get a mick thomson series just for show purposes because i think it looks sexy. i've heard quite a few negative things about though - apparently they're dead chunky and heavy

B.C. Rich guitars use crap wood

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I am playing a Tom Anderson Guitar.

I'm going through one of the old Roland GR-50 Synth plus stomp pedels, then into a original 56 Twin Reverb Amp with JBL's.  For my money that is the cream of the crop.  I've never run into anything that will top it for playing to crouds up to 500 personnel.

   However, I'm getting too old to be throwing around all that equipment.  My Amp alone weighs 100 Lbs and it's just too much to get up in the van.


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Howdy from Chicago,

I have played a couple of Seagulls for a number of years..they are and were just fine, however I just bought a used Gibson Songbird Dlx. I played literally 30 guitars before I picked this out. I am extremely happy. It fits me (playability and tone) perfectly and I guess that is what matters most. I suppose the only bad guitar is an unplayed one.

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Hello from Midland, TX.

I have 3.  A Seagull 6 string with pickups, an Epiphone / Gibson strat looking thing that I got at a garage sale ..plays good though, and just bought an Austin LP wannabee ..  less than $300 and I can play it for hours with no finger ache or anything ..

I just play for me.  Would like to have a Martin or a Taylor one of these days, but it's not gonna happen soon.

<img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_surprised.gif" border=0 alt="Surprised">)

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I started about 5, 6 months ago with a nice Electra Fender hand-me-down, which was passed down from my grandpa who got it in the late 70's to early 80's, who gave it to my uncle in the mid 90's, who gave it to me. To my suprise is still in excellent working order.  And it is bright yellow with a white faceplate.  My amp is a synsonics practice amp and to my knowledge is older than me and also works great.

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I started with a stagg Les paul style in sunburst about a year and half ago, which i recently resprayed and varnished to be purple fading to pink, i also have a gould GD350, in deep purple, and i have a 7 string eddie van halen style guitar by SHINE,

I play my guitars through a carlsbro GLX30 and the sound bypassed into a boss ME50 effects processor.

Also i play mandolin.

Dream guitar, Probably the Conklin Fanned fret melted ultim-8

ciao <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_razz.gif" border=0 alt="Razz">

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After using Strats and Gibsons for many years, I bought a Yamaha SG 2000 Limited Edition, and have found it to be best I have ever played. I play it through a Peavey bandit D.I. into 1000W PA and Boss Effects Unit. Astounding. <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_eek.gif" border=0 alt="Shocked">