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Does that site give any explanations also?

I just have had a very quick look and was pretty confused. Okay there´s some tabs, I guess you´re supposed to play. But I got the feeling, that it doesn´t help much, if I do not understand what I would be playing there.


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Dude that looks complicated to me (Okay maybe it sounds better, have to try it out).

Here is an easier suggestion: down up, up down up.

Repeat this for the first chord of every verse and play it only once for all the others.

Since I am sitting in a university room, I might have suggested  the pattern falsely, in that case I will correct it tomorrow.


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<table border="0" align="center" width="90%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td class="SmallText"><b>vampsfang wrote on Wed, 26 July 2006 11&#58;44</b></td></tr><tr><td class="quote">
wow hi all its been 4 ever since ive had a chance to be online going thru all the hype and all, its been one big old party since ive hit the road theres alot to learn about this buisness, its not all glammer and gold. anysways for the spamenater i never said avril was my girl freind but at least i can say i have meet her and partyed with her more then u will ever be able to say. its funny how i thought i was a good guitar player b4 i got signed but know since we reherse all the time i have really gotten tight, I STILL SAY IF U WANT TO IMPRESS A CHICK LEARN TO RIGHT A SONG AND MAKE IT ALL ABOUT UR CHICK MAKE IT PASSION  MAKE HER FEEL WHAT U WANT TO SAY . OH AND DONT FOLLOW THE ADVICE OF THE ONE GUY WHO WROTE STAY AWAY FROM THE FLASHY LEADS, NO INSTEAD BURN UP UR GUITAR WITH SOME FINGER ACTION THATS A PEICE OF ASS COMEING IF U HIT THE NOTES. i am learning alot about the buisness part of music,i have found that haveing a contract is basically being a puppet on a string u are told what to play and where to stand, its quite dif for me for when i play i like running around and improveviseing as i play i love to get lost in the music and play what i feel i was fined 100,000 dollars for a show one night for adding parts in the music that i felt should have been there, anyways i need sleep i am in japan right now  in a hotel room dog tired working on a song that i am writeing with an old gibson acoustic guitar, keep jamming  keep rocking make ur dreams real and dream big, oh i must say one good thing about all this ive got one hell of a new rig,wooooooot peace out !

And most important: LEARN ENGLISH, before you sing or chose your mother tongue, cause otherwise you will have a bad problem with bringing your message home.

Anyway, vampsfang are you talking about Avril Lavigne? It`s just, that both her US and German official websites say she`s in studio working on her third album. And I guess now as a newlywed its more honeymoon than tour time for her.

So if this is another one of your lies, I begin to doubt, you even play the guitar well. In my opinion you might be the roadie of a middleclass band, we`ll never hear of and you`re dreaming of a career you will never have.

Greetings from Germany and never lie to a journalist, especially not so obviously.


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Well, I had the same problem at first, but then everytime I practiced I ran an F bar chord up and down the fretboard, to build up finger strength.

If you hear a buzzing sound, stop on the fretboard, pluck string by string to find out, which one you dont press heavily enough , adjust your fingers and go on.

After a few days you will make progress with barring and after two weeks the latest you


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Thank you, I´m not that firm with guitar parts in English, though I think I speak English quite well. That´s why I had to formulate my question in this funny way.


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Just thought of something, wouldn&#180;t it be cool to have a song with a really easy Guit1 part you can teach your lady and play the harder Guit2 part yourself? Gives the whole date a few more options, but as it will take me a few years to get that good, I cannot think of an appropriate song.

@Vamp: you are touring with a band we haven&#180;t heard of? Man, where&#180;s your dignity?


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Hi I was wondering what happens if I want to add a belt to my acoustic, which does not have that tiny metal spike to hold the belt. Will they drill through the body? And will that affect the sound of my guitar?

Thank you for helping me with that decision.


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Hey Kim, Im happy to find other Europeans here, Im from Germany.

I think the story you tell has a certain something, so with a little work on spelling and in some lines on grammar its quite a fine text, I think. Better than what comes into my mind in any case.

Keep going


Edit: Apostrophies did not work, stupid different keyboard standards!


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Hi strummer,

I know your problem since we are both at almost the same point in guitar playing. I started 10 month ago and til last weekend I thought I could listen to music forever, without finding out strumming patterns. Since then I think i figured out two different strumming patterns coincidentally.

Just keep experimenting with your guitar, basing on basic harmonic theory and listen closely to yourself, it all comes to you at a certain point, as it came to me.


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My first CD was the only Kris Kross album there hopefully is. To my defense I have to add, that I was 12 by then, and they were pretty hip in Germany at that time.