I have used elixir strings for the last 6 years, and I have been wery satisfied with the sound and quality all the time.... The last 2 sets of acoustic strings i baught seems to be bad quality! I use nanoweb-coated phosphor bronze strings. The strings starts to become hairy and soundless after two weeks because this nanoweb coating is falling off......  Does any of you have same problem?


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Budwiser!! I'm really, really impressed!!! A new star is borned... Great sound! That melody is "walking" stright to my head.. Fun to play as well :-) Thanks again!

looking forward to your CD ;-)


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Agree with you alvee... I use different strings depending of the guitar and what style i play... You just have to try different strings, and find out what you like.  Mostly i prefer 12 at the light E-string. It makes a deeper sound, and it dont brake even after a few drinks.. Thinner E-string (10) can sometimes work better for advanced fingerpick.


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Well done Budwiser ! You have given me inspiration for some new songs to work on. Thanks!

Remarkeable that you are playing left-handed in some of the songs LOL..  Really impressing :-)

5 stars from me !

Take care of your talent, and keep up the good work!


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Hi! If you want anything "new" to play.... Here is a cool one.   "Graveyard Paradise"


You'll find the text here:

The cords are easy fo find by yourselfe.... D-G-C-D-Bm......


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alvee33 wrote:

It's worth showing again but I'm sure this guy has got 6 fingers on each hand and at least 3 arms.


Coool :-) At least he got more than 6 strings.....


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Old Doll wrote:

Dag! Baltus,

I think its much more fun reading the threads.
Somehow the little snippetts of infomation, can give you an insight into their
personalties ,  and ages! Now speaking of ages  { A certain Moderator Mr Roger Guppy } is hopeless at Maths! Intelligent but the old Malt gets to him some times! Because of this defect in his ability to blend the two Ms
{  Maths+ Malt }
He has become one of My best  Personal friends on Chordie.

Ah yes Badeye was right  {  More  Honey Dipper } then Moderator

Diá Linn,  Baltus   agus Mó Cára Roger!

Dag :-)
I used some time to understand that point. Hahaha...{  Maths+ Malt }..  I have some problems with the combination of intelligence and language.  Your point describes some of the magic of playing! Ages and malt makes no limits (neither does the language)


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Why don't everyone update their profiles? Go to the top at this side. Click at Profile, and edit your profile. There you can write where you are from... It will be seen at every message you write in the forum! You can even show a picture :-). Check i out!


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Don't even try to use your 6th finger :-)


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I'm from Norway (living near the polar circle). I've been playing guitar since I was 10.... I Turned 40 this year..... That would be 30 years training... really!