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Ive had many guitars and its hard to beat an American Strat with noiseless pick ups


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Go to a good guitar store and ask that question, most sales guys know quite a bit and you may try different strings, and there is a substance you buy in a can and wipe on the strings they sell


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What I like to do when I have a song like this is this, you have to get some sort of recording of it, via itunes, yahoo music and burn it on a cd. Then get your guitar on your lap and sit in front of the cd player. Start the cd player and let the song play for only one or two bars. Then pause the song and play some notes on the guitar faily quickly searching for a note that sounds harmonious to the song. If you repeat this you sill soon find one or two notes that sound good for the measures of the song that you are hearing. This way you can determine the key the song is in, say C major, D, or maybe a minor key. then you can start the song again and stop it after one or two bars and search for more notes or chords. This sounds arguous but after 15-30 minutes you will be surprised that you are putting together the chords for this song


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I have played this song for years in C but put your pinky on the bottom, 3rd fret, while playin C then change to F still holding your pinky down on the bottom string you will see that this is the way Donovan plays it I think.  C add G, F add G, G


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Strawberry Fields Forever in the key of A . By John Lennon

Sounds good with either electric or acoustic. A, em, f#, ect.