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I have gone everywhere looking for a song by Dylan..Try an Catch the Wind..ANy one have any idea?


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<img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_biggrin.gif" border=0 alt="Very Happy"> catch the wind,, by donovan,, i know its here cos i printed it the other day. played in c,, good luck

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ha, my first post and I was beaten to it  <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_biggrin.gif" border=0 alt="Very Happy">, 

I think this version is pretty accurate:

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aw32....Thank you so much..I was sure it was

Dylan .You are as right as right can be

I heard it on the show Cold Case the other

night and then went on a hunting mission.

Thanks again.........Donnie007

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how are you getting on with this donnie ? i find it difficult to sing it while keeping the rhythm going .. any advice for me ?

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  HI Bonkers..Tips ..What I normally do if I am not real familiar to a song is to listen to it and more and more.then I start playing my guitar with it and then the singing without the music playing.Or if you want to make the song sound like it is yours...with your style..Have the song with chords right in front of you.I keep timing with one of my feet..usually my right foot.And I can then sing while I am playing.If someone else is playing and you are singing..I will go over the song several times I usually am the one playing..but I find that with   practice and more practice you can then be ab

.le to sound as one.  Let me know if this works out for you.BTW  Can I know which songs or types of songs you rae

trying to do this with..Let me know...Donnie007

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i'm into quite a wide range of music , but always have the same problem , if the chord structure has little pick bits in it,, the rhthym goes to pieces,,off the top of my head.. wild mountain thyme is a killer to do , ANYTHING  by dylan,, lol,,the basic beat always goes.. one by u2.. edge's riff.. i cant sing and play it,, unless i stick to the basic chords ,but i feel that takes away from the song , if you understand .

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Bonkers..What I do if there is a riff or a break in the song..I usually will find a way to just strum by way thru it or do some simple picking..I am by no means a good guitarist but I am basically rhym so..I would have a prob but I have learned that with the foot and throwing in my own soundds with picking..I can keep up with it..My music varies also.I am really into Dyln and Melissa Etheridge..and mostly my own songs..Hey btw  do you write lyrics? I am interested in finding a co writer.I have songs many that I just cannot seem to finish for what ever reason..I do ned a partner.Where do you live? I am in Tucson Az..  But we do not need to live close with all the computer ized stuff out these days.. ummThe trick is keeping therhyme soo try the foot moving and try adding your own basic picking..Does this help or not? let me know..Donnie 007  Btw most ppl just call me SKye or Gonzo..take your pic..w][/B]<font size="5"></font>

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lol.gonzo,, made me laugh,, bounce some ideas about then,, i've not much of a track record on writing,, but i have great kit to record stuff ,,and i'd gladly try to put something together with you,, i need to know more about your influences tho ,, im quite accoustically minded , but also enjoy letting rip with a distortion and delay going , to back it up.

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if you can record something,, mail it to the following address if thats possible.  <a href="mailto:angela.mcwhinnie&#64;" target="_blank">angela.mcwhinnie&#64;</a>

send something as an attachment maybe to give me an idea of your sounds that your writing. thank you

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I have played this song for years in C but put your pinky on the bottom, 3rd fret, while playin C then change to F still holding your pinky down on the bottom string you will see that this is the way Donovan plays it I think.  C add G, F add G, G

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ok thanks for the tip