Me and mine are bored and looking for fun.

I'm still a newbie, my gals and guys have been jammin' professionally ever since when.

Country jam space including drums,  bad-a** sound system, cookin' and sleepin' space available.

We crank it up on weekends. 


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The most honest man I've ever known

He lied to me he told me so

I was the man he met, that wouldn't take the bet

He just walked away

I said no regrets 


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Thank you punkrawker.  I haven't taken time yet to add verses or a bridge. 

I really appreciate the rawness of your work.  Perhaps you would give it a go, while mucking around in E.

I'd love to collaborate on this one if you're interested.

Thanks again for responding.

Unh Huh


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The only line I don't' get is ...

You are the reason I never succeeded.

What meaning or meanings do you intend for that line?


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Great!  I'll send 'em the link.


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Holy shiznik!  That's some nasty stuff.

Hope they recovered.


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Cocktailsfor2 wrote:

Ah, wives - where would we be without 'em?

...I mean, besides sitting in our skivvies in front of the teevee, beverage of choice in hand?

Tent in the woods of Oregon likely.

... and it looks like we might be headin' there anyway.

I'm okay with that.



I wouldn't trade my missus for anyone!


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So, I'm curious.  Did you contract Anthrax?


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I'd like to forward this to my local college radio station, KSCL.

If they wanted to play it, is that okay with you?

Otherwise, I'll just leave it alone.

Good job.

You got a clean recording, and still maintained the rawness, which I particularly embrace.


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I'm gonna' guess either antelope OR aardvark.

I realize neither are very likely, I just wanted to guess with whatever popped into my mind that started with 'A'.

Duh, hello, now see I Nacgodoches, Texas in your profile.

My buddies band is based out of Blanchard, and their drummer comes in out of Waskom.

Do you ever head east towards Shreveport?

mojo01 wrote:

im about an hour and a half away

Okay, that's cool.  What state are you in.

I head towards Texas semi-regularly.

I've got friends with recording equipment and backup musicians here in Shreveport is the thing though.

I do know a woman in Wills Point Texas that has multiple outdoor soundstages and hosts bands regularly.

She was in charge of booking all the bands for Sons of Hermann in Deep Ellum, Downtown Dallas for over a decade.

So there're some options.

Does that translate?


Oh, okay, it's sorry in many, many languages.


Good one.


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Thank you punkrawker.

All of my songs are available for remix, reuse, repurposing as long as attribution is given.

I always enjoy hearing what others hear in their heads whenever they read the poem/lyrics.

Love to hear your take.

It would inspire my direction as well.

Thanks again for replying.

71108 is my Zip Code.

It's time to record.

If you look back through my history, I've always thought it a good idea to record with Chordie forum follks if I'm able.

Hopefully there are at least a few.

One would do.

I've got the place to record set up, along with back up musicans.

Plenty of studio space, equipment, musicians, food, and fun.

Thanks for  your consideration.

Unh Huh


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"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others"


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I've known mine since  was 7.

I'm grateful every day.

...and every night.


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Unh Huh and the Yeah Whatevers is the name that I use whenever I perform, no matter whom is backing me up.

I figure it covers a lot of ground.

The name of my first collection of songs was/is No Mo Cheese Mo.

I really don't like pretentoius ca-ca.

My tounge is often planted firmly in my cheek.

It seems to work better than just sticking it out and going... Nanny nanny Boo boo.  Heh.

I haven't named this next group of songs yet.

I love David Byrne and the Talking Heads, the Tedeschi Trucks Band, Lyle Lovett and his Large Band, and Tom Waits, among many, many others; names, lyrics and music.  Just a few off of the top of my head.  Got any faves that influence your music/writing?

Currently listening to Dixie Chicks with my honey.


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My father was Army Security Agency.  Full military scholarship at Texas A&M back in the 50's.

He instilled non-violence wherever he went.  He abhored the use of violence, and would only use it as a very last resort.

As a child, our yard was the place to run if you were about to get beat down; for the rule in our yard was absolutely no fighting.

My mom would come out and spray any kids with the water hose that continued.

To this day, all my neighbors know me as a peaceful man.  They also know that I do not believe that there is any such thing as a fair fight.  They also know that means I fight for only one reason, and would use any means necessary to achielve that goal.

Because there is no such thing as a fair fight; that's just sparring.


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Thank you.

I'll post up a rough cut today or tomorrow.

I grew up hearing Eve of Destruction occasionally as a kid.  It's been a long time since I heard it, and I had not known the artist singing it.  Thank you for that as well.

I live right next to the home of the largest  bomb wing on the planet.

I'm not a big fan of Peace the Old Fashioned Way, as they say it out on the base...

Just not my style.

That's where part of the song comes from, the other part from personal revulsion.  I don't enjoy hurting others.


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dino48 wrote:
unhhuh wrote:

Thanks for your reply.

Strange can mean so many different things.

I really gain so much more insight into my own psyche when I share what I write.

What particuarly, in your honest opinion, pushes this into the category of strange for you?

some of the wording seem a little off,but it is kinda like a Pink Floyd thing good!

Thanks again.

I really appreciate candor.

One of my best friends calls it rigorous honesty.  I often refer to it as my best version of the truth (at that moment in life of course).

I'd really appreciate it if you would be willing to further expound about the wording.

It assists me in my efforts to communicate well.


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Grah1 wrote:

powerful and  emotive  lyrics ,I  think  every  one  has  experienced  something like  this  at  some  time , defiantly could  be  a  song

Thank you.

I'll post it in songs when it's finished.


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Phill Williams wrote:

this to me is like when my first marriage ended; my ex hated me, her father wanted to kill me, and i wasn't very popular with my mam and dad either! her mother and brother were on my side...strange?

yes, good visualisation and i like the way you've expressed it, might make a good song too?

Truly sorry for your own losses.  Thank you for your candor, I'm always honored when somene shares a part of their life experience with me.

Oddly enough, both the neighbors mother (also my neighbor), and my next door neighbor (that the angry person calls their other momma) have all expressed their support for myself and my family. 

Thank you for the compliments.  You're quite a wordsmith yourself.  And you really do come off as a moderate moderator generally speaking, which I really appreciate.

It is a song.  It still needs a bit of work, perhaps a bridge, and another verse or two.


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joe3chords wrote:
unhhuh wrote:

Thanks for the response.

I'm curious, in what context that you find it's still a part of your life.

This particular poem/unfinished song came out of a neighbor that is dealing with being insanely jealous of our relationship with another set of neighbors.

The person ranted and raved on my front porch, yard, and in the house before I finally used an epithet to describe my feelings about them, at which point they resorted to threats of violence.

This is after seven years of building a friendship with the angry person and their family.

I stay grateful for my own problems every day.

It's still part of my life because of my association or lack there of with members of my own family because of words or similar sentaments expressed that have kept us apart for more than ten years. My brother has children and I don't even know their names.

That is profoundly sad.

Each situation seems to be uniquely painful, in my limited experience.

Every time I've lost a friend, it's always horrible.

Thank you for sharing your personal experience.

I appreciate it.