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best story in a song.....try best story in an album

Dream theater's scenes from a memory tells the tale of a man named nicolas who is having regression therapy because he is having reoccuring dreams of a girl named victoria, its then turns out that he was victoria in a past life and he is trying to find out why she was killed and eventually finds out and is killed by the person who killed her

also, Octane by Spock's beard (another album story)

this on is about a car crash and al lthe songs are his life flashing before his eyes (if you buy is get the special edition version)


First off for sheer skill and song writing, producing, quality, and insanity has to go to Dream theater,

but to be honest, neal morse has to take it for me, the music is so diverse and he records the drums, bass, guitar, vocals, keys, theremin, and whatever else he includes himself, he includes so many styles from typical rock, to almsot carnival music crosses with ballads and epic classical sections.

try em out they are incredable


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Octavarium by dream theater (24 MINUTES LONG!!!)

6 degrees of inner turbulance (CD2) by dream theater

with that one, learn to play the whole second CD as a whole, not in its individual sections cos each song carries on perfectly after the previous and it lasts over 42 minutes of total prog

hope thats good enogh for ya


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Challenging music...hmm

In the name of god by dream theater

Glasgow kiss by john petrucci

fatal tragedy by dream theater

King of the monsters by racer X

Baroque and roll by Yngwie malmsteen

and finally speed kills by micheal angelo biato

these songs, artists and bands are very progressive music with very individual styles and techniques

last thing

good luck


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I started with a stagg Les paul style in sunburst about a year and half ago, which i recently resprayed and varnished to be purple fading to pink, i also have a gould GD350, in deep purple, and i have a 7 string eddie van halen style guitar by SHINE,

I play my guitars through a carlsbro GLX30 and the sound bypassed into a boss ME50 effects processor.

Also i play mandolin.

Dream guitar, Probably the Conklin Fanned fret melted ultim-8

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