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Could you edit your message with some sentence structure. It is difficult to read what it is you are asking or stating.


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Do this.

Right now, strum your hand up and down two times every second as if you were holding a guitar. Now sing a song, like happy birthday for instance. Can you sing happy birthday without it sounding as if your saying words falling on beats that happen every 1/2 second? Sing a christmas song.

If you can do that, then you can play guitar and sing. Just keep that hand moving at a steady interval while using guitar/palm/finger mutes in place of rests. Remember you dont have to actually make contact with the string just make sure you keep that hand moving at a steady pace withhout interuption.

Now that i've given it further thought, i believe that this was the "stepping stone" exercise that got me into singing and playing.

Everything he says here is true. I 2nd this post.


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Dont frustrate yourself trying to "Practice singing and playing". This is one of those things that inevitably happens as you get better and better and simple chords become subconcious. That is, after a couple years of playing regularly you stop thinking about movement or finger placement, your hand just goes from C to G to F etc..

What' smost important is just to keep playing and having fun. The muscle memory will come.


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I've found hours of enjoyment from your organized site. I would love to be able to contribute to this cause.

I would really like a feature that would allow me to search for a song and then have a list of people that also have that song saved in their songbook so that I can browse other songbooks for similar tastes in music.