just got it. an '06 fender american deluxe stratocastor. its a medium tone wood with a turtle shell pick guard. spent way too much money but dont have a wife to tell me not to.


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wondering if anyone is near palatka florida.  if you don't know where that is , it is a small town about 25 miles west of st.augustine.  thanks

great topic.  very inspireing.  been playing for about a year and a half definately not great but I'm past the really hard frustrating stuff.  to all the new players stick with it, take a few lessons, and find an instructor that you like.  it will make a difference i took about 4 months of lessons but my teacher has become a close friend and has given much help even though I'm not a paying customer.


just keep playing eventually it will all fall together and you will wonder why you thought it was so hard.


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a great song to learn is for beginners is "Brown Eyed Girl" the chords are easy (G,C,D) and everyone knows it.  it is the first song I learned.


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Thanks a lot James,  I could hear the song in my head.  I just could not remember who it was.


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who played the theme song for the wonder years? What is the title?


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Brown eyed girl.  There is an Em in there but it is not to hard to play.  I should know I have only been playing for about six months this is the first song that i learned.


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another way :

middle finger 6th string 3rd fret

index finger 5th string 2nd fret

ring finger 2nd string 3rd fret

pinky 1st string 3rd fret

with this method you can move your middle and index fingers both down one string and you have a C.  good luck.


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"Free" by Train is a good easy song to play it is all D,C,G all the way through.


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im a grabber. i was taught to "grab the neck like an ax".  when playing barres i put my thumb on the back of the neck.