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Well mate,

For only a couple weeks, I'd say your doing great!

I'm now teaching a girl to play guitar and she still can't play a chord without a tab paper to tell her where to put he fingers. She saw me play and got really excited, and that was way back in November! Anyway, to know those chords already in such little time, that's great! Also, I totaly agree that this is the best site. I've been to tons of sites recomended by other guitarists, and this by far beats them all!!!


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I have a few songs you could play but, it deppends on what kind of music you like...

Nicklback - photograph

Yellowcard - one year six months, view from heaven, and more

Evanesence - wake me up

Kansas - dust in the wind

Simple Plan and Good Charlotte - almost anything from them

If you just look up your favorite bands you'll find songs you like and know, so you can play them. I had trouble with B and Bm for a long time, to switch and make it sound smooth. It still needs work but I'm able to play it now because I practiced a lot.

So, that's the best advice I can give. Practice new chords once you have the others down.


Dont give up with those fingers! You'll soon have little trouble with them!


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I agree that the wording matters.

I have found that songs when the singer is singing about all the  things in thier life, that it is more responsive to the listener... That's just  my own opinion though. For instence,

I found that Good Charlotte's newest CD is more depressing and MXPX's (though they talk somewhat about the same thing) is not.

I think it because of the wording. Good Charlotte says "I", and MXPX says "you". Anyway, That's my own research and thinking. don't get me wrong, I love Good Charlotte and MXPX, they are some of my favorite bands. I just used them as an example.



This is a really good topic. I've been playing for about 7 years. I'm not that great but, I like to share my expiriences and advice. When I started I only knew 5 chords for about 4 years. I practiced and practiced. I only recently (about 3 years ago) really learned how to play. Now i'm teaching another young guitarist that's been wanting to play but, never knew how to start. It's really awesome to see her practice and learn but, she gets discouraged when she doesn't see much improvement. I always tell her that it takes pain and time but, it's worth it in the end.

Also if posible, found it easier to learn on a nylon string, than move up to a steel string. It helps the pain of getting callouses, and it makes you streatch your fingers more to really get the feel of the chord.

Anyway, hope this helps


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I completely agree. I have a good amount of lyrics,  lines, and ideas, just sitting cause, the words won't come. They have come in handy though. I have written five minute long songs from four words on a random piece of paper. So, if you ever get an idea that just pops in your head, write it down. It will probably come in handy some time.


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I just wanted to say that I have writen punk/punkrock music. And, I wrote music when I was 13 too. But it seems that with age it gets easier. I started writing when I was about 7. yes, young but, it was well put together. I've writen about 20 or so songs since. I'm 15 now and I play guitar and sing. If you need any help with putting anything together like lyrics or music, let me know, I would be happy to help.

Yes, It's ok to ask a girl for help.


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I'm a song writer and have been for a few years.

I have found it easier to write words, than music.

But, sometimes the music just comes.

It really just depends on the person.

I think that you should just pick up your

guitar and start playing and singing. You

might be  surprised with what comes out.

Also, if you write the lyrics first, you

probably would want to have a melody to go

along with it, so it makes it easier to write

the music. Anyway, hope this helps.


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I can't seem to get this song right...

I have 2 versions of it and am trying to

put the stuff that sounds right together.

I would apreciate it if any one can help

me figure it out.

Thanks much!