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does anybody know the effects that tony uses in godsmack?? ive been trying to find out what pedal he uses and stuff but i can never find anything. ive determined that its a unique kind of wah but i still cant find out which pedal he uses or something. i just want to becuz i love the sound that he uses in his solos.


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ya i play with drop d and drop c alot, it really gives a darker and more intense feel to a song. and yes drop d is just the big e tuned down to a d the rest are standard, makes it much easier to make fast power chord changes. drop c is all the strings tuned down one step with the big e tuned down another step, so from high to low its: CGDFAD

gives a really dark tone and makes a song really intense and you can also have barre power chords on the lowest 3 strings. very fun to play if your into heavy/death/thrash metal.

you lucky SOB

awesome guitar, rockin wife to buy you that, have fun and happy belated birthday!!

They were FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!!!!! I got a T-Shirt and they closed with YYZ. Killer drum solo by Neil Pert, 5 different guitars including a 12 string acoustic and an 8 string mandolin. I loved some of the things they put in from TV shows, like a clip from a south park episode where Cartman and the rest of them made a band called lil'Rush, it was hilarious.


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What are they and how do you play them??
Just wondering so i can properly play the solo for Keep Away by Godsmack


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mainly looking for the first solo, but if anybody has tabs for both of them it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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im 15 and ive been playing for 2 years. i love playing and i have found my passion with heavy metal. i can honestly say that the music industry is where i want to spend the rest of my life.

have fun playin, rock on!!


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yes punk rock bands are known to have great rythymists. one such band, shadows fall, their rthymist has a warm up technique where he does downstrokes and slides power chords from root6 1-3-1, then the same in root5. he does 8 of these patterns (1-3-1) in one measure. heres the kicker: its set at 240 BPM. my metronome dosnt even go that high, it maxes out at 208 BPM. thats fast.

i absolutely agree with you, i play guitar, and i have like 4 friends that play guitar, and out of them 2 like heavy metal/hard rock, and the rest of people i know like rap and hip hop and country and im like ahhhhhh how can you like this stuff people and ya. i agree with you, rock is not dead, but a lot of newer bands dont really play hard and wail it out on a solo. some great guitarists, but not like the old days.


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i love both drop d and drop c tuning. they give a much fuller and heavier feeling to my playing. i play a lot of metal so it really works for me, and i have some riffs that sound really great on drop c, and in order to play some songs by disturbed and godsmack(two of my favorite bands) you need drop c tuning.


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drop-d is cool, allows you to play ez barred power chords(thats a lot what im into), have you ever tried drop c? alot of newer heavy bands use that such as a lot of disturbed and godsmack. persnally i like to play anything really heavy cuz it really gives me a sense of excitment and power, so i play a lot of maiden, metallica, megadeth, pantera, slayer, and bands like that. but the best way to figure out what you like to play is what you like, and youve already said that you like all music, so try playing a bunch of songs from different styles and bands and just figure out which one feels the best for you. thats what happened to me, i liked to listen to blues and country a lot, but then when i tried to play them, it would take me hours and hours to get the simplest things to sound right, but when i heard "Battery" by metallica, it seemed so natural to me, and so i started playing a lot of heavy metal and thats what i play and write now. so just give it try, it might work.


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In my opinion Dean guitars are the coolest thing out there as far as shape, design, and total kick-@$$ shreddingness. Dean makes the best in guitars suited for heavy metal due to the awesome sustain and harmonics it will give, as well as the overall feel and stage prescence. I mean, how could someone go up on stage with a Dean Dime Razorback with the explosion paint job and not blow the crowd away with looks alone. Well thats my rant, anybody else have the same views??

As far as music with the band is concerned, such as writing and making a name for yourself, all aspects and parts of the band are neccessary and of equal importance. When it comes to the audience and putting on shows, it would have to be the person with the most enthusiasm, but when it comes to any kind of playing, whether recording or performing, you have to follow the rythym.


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in my opinion the first heavy metal bands would be prolly Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Death. Zepplin, Steppenwolf, and those others mentioned here i would put into the hard rock/classic rock/blues category.


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didnt know where else to put this. If you live somewhere around calgary AB in canada, and you want to rock, you should check out http://www.mccextremerock.com/ This program is awesome and i am about to be a part of it.


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I was just wondering if anyone had some tips for tapping, my main question being about the fingernail length for tapping fingers:long or short?? any other tapping tips would be helpful.


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ya. its gonna suck big time when maiden finally dies.


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nice nailed that one right on the money. the point of talking about dead rock stars is to talk about what their accomplishments were and how they encouraged/affected/inspirated others into their profession. however, not all dead rock stars have been killed by their own fault. many have died from travel or murder. other than that, good point.


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thnx tons for the help bootleger.


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Just wondering how different pickup heights change the sound of the guitar. Anyone.....help.......please? <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_sad.gif" border=0 alt="Sad">


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one time about a week ago i was on chordie going to search for some songs on Iron Maiden (my fav) and on the left of all the names it says how many songs are on it. well normally on iron maiden it has 366, but last week there was a glitch and it said 666 (number of the beast). for those of you who know iron maiden, thats pretty uncanny and funny. i refreshed the page and it was back to 366. just thought someone else might think its funny.


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Looks like bootleger wins. True that the original posting was about rockers around the age of 27, and that seems to be a cursed age for rockers (Dangit) but there has been a lot of deaths related to travel due to the increased exposure (cant think of a better word) that rockers and musicians in generally have for travel.


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Well a lot of rockers die of a lot of causes. Lynyrd Skynyrd with a plane, plenty others in travel related accidents, some by drugs. There have been lots who have made from the seventies to today. Clapton to name, Iron Maiden to name another. Hey James, how did the lead guitarist of Pantera die? (Should be easy, but i couldnt think of anything harder off the top of my head)


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I have to agree with the starter, but it does depend a lot on the wood. I have a Samick in the model of a strat and it sounds ok for a starter, but what i really want is a Gibson SG, specially with a custom paint job.

I would say that whatever suits your style. I personnally do a combination of both, as i only have guitar lessons once a week. Having a teacher really helps out with the basics and how to do things faster. I also learned about scales and root notes from him, but most songs that i learn i learn myself, either by tabbing them out myself or finding them on this website (Chordie you rock). It also depends what kind of teacher you have, if hes teaching you what you ask him too, or what he wants you to learn, if its a private or public teacher, what kind of music hes teaching you and so on and so forth. One thing that we have started at my lessons (we only have about 5 people at them) is that every week someone brings something to the lesson and teaches the rest of the class. Anyways that my opinion so rock on <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_twisted.gif" border=0 alt="Twisted Evil">