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Sing to the song "Blackbird" by the Beatles

Michaels going to court today

But he is getting sick along the way.

Emergency flu

Leaving  Mr. judge man all alone in the court room

Michael has a billion fans

Would you stay the night at Neverland..

He’d tuck you in tight

Get you stinkin drunk and you hope that you forget the night

Michaels Plight

Michaels Plight

Can’t tell if he’s black or white

written by Fordo

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Dear Fender (guitar) Hater,

I do understand what you are saying but offer this...

Playing on different guitars, amps, effects only can expand yor creative mind...

Les Pauls thru Bassmans are so limited.  Don't ilmit yourself to just one or two tones..

Open up man...............  Create...  ahhhhhh don't ya feel better already???


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