I find the barre form D7 sounds a lo like Em.  What do you think?  Maybe I'm wrong there.  Have a great day.


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Tell your tale to Yngwie Malmsteen.  You can get many different sounds from any electric,  as opposed to acacoustic


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Joseph Cormier/  54 years old/  playing,  and teaching for 30 years or more.  Don't give up.  Nice to meet you.  I abide in Dublin Shore Nova Scotia .


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Joseph Cormier/ 54/  playing for 30 some years/  From Cape Breton/  living in Dublin,  south shore N S.  Good to meet you.  I'm the older brother of J P.


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Joseph Cormier/  Dublin Shore Nova Scotia.  I like the sound of that malt whiskey.  Could use a drink right about now. Good to meet you.


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Joseph Cormier/ Dublin Shore Nova Scotia/  Born in Cape Breton/  54 years old/ 38 years playing and teaching.  Nice to meet you all!


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My name is Joseph Cormier.  I taught my younger brother everything I know about guitar,  which wasn't much at that time,  and likely still isn't!  LOL!  However,  my experience in that case was to make absolutely sure that he really wanted to play the guitar.  That helps.  Why waste your time on someone who's not really serious about it.  He went on to master eight or nine instruments,  and far surpassed my meager talents.  I'm sure he was serious now.  I would suggest giving your students one lesson to practice,  give them a week,  and see how many return for more.  Only a suggestion.  Thankyou for your time.  Best regards to all newcomers. <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_razz.gif" border=0 alt="Razz">


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Or check out the upload I jst sent you.  It's Leo Kotke.  A great guitar player of several different styles.  I'd send you some Malmsteen,  but files are too big.  try downloading "Malmsteen's trilogy."  once again,  regards from:  Joseph Cormier in Nova Scotia Canada.


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Check out Ynwie Malmsteen;  he'll blow your mind.  Regards from:  Joseph Cormier


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You are absolutely right on there,  Brother.  I learn new things every time I play guitar with other players.  That's great advice.  Joseph Cormier


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Yes,  I believe it was the Chester playhouse where some fan stole Tom's hat right off his head.  Funny story told to me by my Brother.  Another one was where stompin' Tome went into a fancy hotel,  let  out a great big fart,  and said,  "By God,  I am the wind!"

Try the E-Z Chord method song books.  Play songs you like.  That IS the key as stated by the first post I read.  Joseph Cormier


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Get some E-Z method chord books.  Lessons can benefit you,  but self taught is good too.  Whatever you think is best for you.  If you can sing,  start out with song books with chords.  Joseph Cormier,  maybe you know my little brother J P?


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Roy Clarke's fingers are extremely short.  So don't let that stop you.   Joseph Cormier

I teach guiatar to anyone who wants to learn.  It is never too late.  Keep on truckin.  Joseph Cormier


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<img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_razz.gif" border=0 alt="Razz"> Most likely meanssecond fret,  via using a capo.  That what it sounds like.  But I could be wrong.  Good luck with your playing. Don't get discouraged.

<img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_cool.gif" border=0 alt="Cool"> I didn't care for Yamaha,  until someone gave me one as a gift.  The coating is a little thick,  but I don't mind it.  One of my original guitars was a YAMAKI.  Now that was a fine sounding instrument.  My  brother J P had a martin custom.  Cost him fifteen thousand.  It began to disintigrate while he was playing it on stage.  He's heavy handed.  He uses a tortoise shell pick given to him by Doc Watson at the Winfield flat top picking contest.  As to coated strings,  I gotta say they last a long time.  Mine have been on for two years now,  and still have their tone!  But like you say,  to each their own. The kibitzing back and forth was quite amusing though.  You have some very valid points,  that I fully respect.