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Yes, electronic tuner, it will take years to develop ear tuning ability on the average person, so don't think your in the minority if you can't do it yet.  3 years and I can't do it yet, I'm getting closer...  There are tuners that you mount inside of the sound hole that you can see as your playing, but others can't, which is what I may go to, tough to install something like that on the guitar in the pic...neat guitar by the way.



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Touched and appalled also!  The first thing I would suggest is to pray for the folks at you old church, THEY NEED IT, and that will take some of the burden off your feelings for what they did and allow you to move on.

Your at the point where playing with others would really benefit you.  I don't know how or where but it really helps, and connecting on a musical level with others is an awesome feeling.

I took up the guitar at 47 and 3 years later play in a church band, it doesn't hurt having one of the others be an Elementary Music Teacher.  I just know the same things she explains to me at practice were mentioned to a 7 year old earlier that day,  Ha.  Playing with others really speeds up the learning curve and is a blast. 

FYI at our church you would have gotten a huge applause and encouragement all around.

As said above find songs that you really enjoy, modern songs are sooo great in the use of rising and decending volume and emphasis.  Download the mp3, find the tabs and practice along.  Learn to palm mute, where the stops are, find strum patterns that work,  use all downstrokes, etc, all the things that really go beyond strumming to make the music real for you.

In addition to Jusinguitar try Free And Easy Guitar, he has a song list that he has lessons for.

You are more talented and musical than you think, you just have to bring it out. 

Best of luck.


Very nice, enjoyed it!  Must have took some time to bring in the solo and get the timing right.  I'll have to add that song to my songbook.  There wouldn't be a tab or something around for the intro picking would there?  I'm wanting to get my flat picking up to that level. 



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I wanted a thinner body because I stand when I play and felt uncomfortable with a thick body, but still wanted great base and plenty of high range, the fretboard needed to be wide enough to finger pick too.  I played all the guitars in the local shop like this and there was a Taylor 114 CE that was head and shoulders above the rest, had it a year now and love it.  You need to play a bunch of guitars at a Guitar Center or somewhere and see what you like best, one of them will rise to the top.  Good luck.



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I've only been playing 3 years, 2 years ago the timing was right to join a church band with experienced musicians playing contemporary Christian music.  In the past year I've played in front of over 4,000 people, fear of screwing up in front of that many people as forced me to get better in a hurry.  One of the people in the band is an elementary school teacher who is used to explaining music to 6 year olds, PERFECT!  Playing with those with more experience than you will get you better in a hurry, playing with those less experienced will be fun too, just find someone to play with. 

Relating to other musicians is one of the best and most fun things about the whole trip. 

BTW, the one other guitarist who had taken me under his wing had a mild stroke 6 months ago and I was able to fill in, he's back now good as ever, but boy were the other folks in the band happy I was there, me too. 



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I played for 2 years, then got voice lessons, since my goal was to be a decent campfire guitarist I didn't want to be good at playing and suck at singing.  Luckily my kids piano teacher also teaches voice.  Just doing the warm up exercises they give you teaches you the concept of staying in key, which is the first thing you must do, staying in key the whole song unless there is a key change.  I must look pretty wierd singing AAHH-AAHH, EE-EE,  OH-OH, EE-EE AAHH-AAHH EE-EE OH going down the road, but now I'm singing in key.  In my car is the only place my family will tolerate my practicing, I had my teacher sing the practice exercises while I recorded them and can play them back anytime and sing along.  Seek professional help.  Your a better singer than you think.  BTW, I took up guitar at age 47, got voice lessons at 49, your never too old, the teachers typically love older pupils and will go out of their way to help because they know your there because you want to be. Best of luck.