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I named my les paul ruby. don't really know why, its cherry sun burst. suppose that has something to do with it!!!


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Manchester in good old rainy England

i'm 17 been playing since i was 10 and am in the process of arranging my first gig!!

wish me luck!

im not big when i comes to brand names, but simply putting your acoustic through a PA system givesa great sound and seeing as how you have just got yourself a load of new mic's then try that



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Thanks Roger

Well i'll dig out my song book and try and build up something along those lines.
Thanks a million


PS wil let you know how my first gig goes as i might have one lined up in a local pub!!!


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I'm looking at starting performing in restraunts and bars. i've gat an acoustic and elctric so no problem there but im loking for the types of songs that i can play using both guitars

Any suggestions welcome




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Ye im from north west
but england not USA if thats what your after!!!!!!