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The Coopertown Jail
Author Robert Stenberg

Clickity-clack went the sound of the rail,
As the train made its way to the Coopertown Jail.
The convicts were dressed in their denims of blue,
They were shackled together, two by two.

With furnace ablaze and making a roar,
The guards and their shotguns were both at the door.
We went on and on, into the night,
Until Coopertown Jail, came into sight.

“Stand here in straight lines, two by two,
Or it will be the end of you.
No time to kiss your mother goodbye,
For you’ll not leave, unless you can fly.��

Above the front door, we silently read.
“Try to escape and you’ll wish you we’re dead.��


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Deadstring, my hat is off to you. My father is 92 and has been in a nursing home for the last two years. There has been a couple of groups that have come through and done a wonderful
job and it really brightens up these people's spirit. I admire what you are doing and this is giving me the courage to step up to the plate and concentrate on just a few of the oldies that I know they would like to hear.  Keep up the good work.


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Heck Tubatooter- this was just last week!
Just kidding!


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Stolen Moments
Author: Bob Stenberg

The casual glance
A warm embrace
The moons silhouette
The hiding place

The fragrance of flowers
In your auburn hair
Remembering the hours
Spent without care.

Our favorite nest
Whenever we could
Whether right or wrong,
Or if we should.

With the passing of time
I still recall
How that auburn hair
On your shoulders did fall.

And your eyes
How they sparkled
Whenever you’d smile
To be together again
For awhile


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Thanks Buvvy,
I  think there is inner strength in all of us just waiting for the right moment in our lives to shine.


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Thanks Phill, Flybye


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Thanks Toots,


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Inner Strength   
By Bob Stenberg

Courage is that kind of thing
That sorts us all apart
It comes from deep within our soul
With a measure from our heart

Some live their lives so timidly
But when they find the need
They have the strength from deep within
And manage to succeed

Some find it on the battlefield
The strength to carry on
Some have it when the chips are down
And all their friends are gone.

Some find it when they’ve gotten ill
They ask God the reason why
They’re blessed with all the strength they need
God gives them wings to fly


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Very meaningful write Phil. Well done!


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I think this is a neat peice. I like the wording and the flowing of the chords. Nice Job.


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RIVET!!RIVET!! Amongst us frogs that means thanks a bunch. Flybye


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Teeny Weeny Pollywog
Author: Flybye

Teeny Weeny Pollywog
lost his little tail,
he looked all over for it
but it was to no avail.

Then Teeny Weeny Pollywog
grew himself some feet,
he climbed up on a lily pad
and made some sounds so sweet.

Now Teeny Weeny Pollywog
has become a little frog.
You can find him by the riverbank
sunning on a log.

Sitting there so patiently
as if without a care,
hoping that his sticky tongue
might catch the unaware.

Now little Teeny Weeny Pollywog
isn't teeny any more.
He's built himself a happy home,
has a wife he does adore.

He has a bunch of children
as cute as they could be,
but he wonders why they have those tails,
"Why don't they look like me?"

And now you know the story
of Teeny Weeny Pollywog,
who lost his tail and grew some feet
and now he is a frog.


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Thanks Arkady,
I'll have to tickle her a little bit and see what she comes up with.


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Thanks for your comments. I'll have to go strum on my little sweetheart and see if she can inspire me to write something else. After all, it only took me 3 years to post this.


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Me & My Guitar

I was walkin down the street one day
and just did happen to see,
this pretty long necked beauty
lookin back at me.

I knew I had to have her
so in the store I went,
she would be my girl
if it cost me my last cent.

This was just the beginning
of what was meant to be,
a beautiful love affair,
my guitar and me.

I used to fret and worry
things were always going wrong,
but with all those frets to play on
life's been nothing but a song.

I pick on her a lot
yes, I know it's true
but you should hear the sounds she makes
I love her, yes I do.

We've made sweet tunes together
many happy, sometimes blue,
my pear shaped, long necked doll
what a pair we are, we two.