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Thank you for the updates on the songs giving me credit.  As to the Biographical information:
I can't imagine why I would be on Wikipedia-- However the sidebar is for the Saturday night live Phil Hartman, Not Me.  I guess I could go to Wiki & put my own Bio in.  Would that be helpful?

Just did an article about me-- search Wiki for Philip Louis Hartman

The first I had was an acoustic-- Then I got another & got it amplified - Great for gigs where you have a lot of people.  Then I made my first archtop-- Really loud without an amp. I may put in a Kent Armstrong at some point-- but I really like the acoustic sound over the electric.  I was at a Billy Joe Shaver concert last week-- His guitar player's electric died & he had to switch to an amped acoustic-- WHAT a difference- Even amplified, the good acoustics just sound better


(3 replies, posted in About Chordie)

You have two of my songs listed here without original copyright info-  Originally posted on COWPIE.  You have the wrong Phil Hartman noted in your sidebar.  I was born in Ft Worth in 1946 & live near Gunter, TX.  Texas Rose was written in 1984 & you can hear me sing it some Wednesdays at the gazebo in Van Alstyne Texas.  Either remove my songs, or include the original copyright info, which can be found on Cowpie noted at the beginning of each song.