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Hi everybody,

Anyone heard this guy's new CD - awesome player!!  I am waiting to see a video to see how he does the percussion thing - in the meantime has anyone tabbed any of his songs, particularly Teardrop and Dreams Can Come....




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I have just recently purchased a Boss BR-600 (the one above the Micro).  When I was researching around for a home recording unit, all the reviews I read praised Boss over Zoom (I had bought an multi-effects Zoom pedal about 10 years ago and it hasnt aged very well!).  I was initially going to go for the Micro, but decided to pay a little more for a more table top version, with more tracks, etc.  As I have a PC I do not need an onboard CD burner.  I would highly recommend Boss - it has done everything I have been told it can do, is relatively easy to understand and is great value for money.  I am told the condensor mics on the Micro are the same as on the BR-600 and they are brilliant!!!  The sound recorded from them is so clear, it is like it has been recorded from a top end mic (obviously you will get ambient noise though).  I would go with Boss everytime!

The virutal tracks allow you to 'rehearse' over and over on a particular track until you nail the one you want, which you then 'write to' that track.  Move onto the next track and do the same again.  It means if you make a mistake, or are not happy, just kinda keep going without having to wipe the track and start again - at least that is my take on it.  I am still working through all the different options, etc.

Thanks for the advice bootlegger - I am told you are the expert on these matters so thanks for the input...


I think you can tell - the strings lose their tone, they become dull and lifeless.  When I was playing very regularly and in a practise band, I changed mine once a month, which to be honest was probably leaving it a bit too long.  Problem is a set of strings is around £5.00, so I would imagine a lot of people cannot afford to change them too regularly anyway.

I would think changing them weekly is too often - it can take a day or two for new ones to bed in anyway...that means you only get 4-5 days use out of them!

Thanks GitaarDoc....I had a look on the Tanglewood site and the Tomkat I have is not listed there - I have been told it does look a little like a Gibson/PRS.

This is a link to another forum with lots of reviews. 

http://reviews.harmony-central.com/revi … omkat/10/1

If you have time, have a read.

I have only found one picture, and it is not like my guitar.  I think they must had made several different revisions, mine being one of the latest ones.  Sorry, I do not know much about guitars and their different types/styles - I have been told it is a Blues Rock style guitar - it has a quite wide neck and very nice action.  It has a solid body.  Single Tone and Volume control, switch for front, front + rear or rear pickup.  I recently had a problem with the wiring in the pickups - I put it into a local Guitar shop - they repaired a broken wire, adjusted the height of the front humbucker and set the action up - did a good job on it - it is a lot better to play now.

Thanks for your time - I appreciate it.  I will check out the sites you recommend when I get home from work.



I have a Tanglewood Tomkat.  It has two Humbucker pickups.  I have had the guitar for around 9 years, but have only just started playing again after a break of 5 years or so.

I have been reading reviews of the guitar (the internet wasn't as easily accessible 9 years ago!) and most people say it is great value but is let down by the cheap generic pickups.

Can anyone recommend new ones - I like to listen to all sorts of rock, but I love to play Blues Rock, so pickups that would suit this genre would be preferable.  I am not a millionaire so nothing too extravagant!

I have also started home recording, and am aware that better pickups would probably give me better results as well.

Any recommendations gladly received.

Cheers guys,


Hi again,

I checked and the make of the pick is 'Teckpick'....

Thanks for all the responses guys!

Just a sub-note really - I recently picked up a metal pick - can't remember the name of the company that makes them now, bit pricey at £1.50 each, but really really good!  Nice tone, easy to play with, easy to grip!  And it's thin, but hard!  Will post again when I get home and check out the name of the manufacturer....

I have a Tanglewood Tomkat Electric and Epiphone Skunk Baxter Electro Acoustic.  I really like the Tanglewood, but not so keen on the acoustic - the tone is a little too trebley for my liking...I would like to replace it but good guitars cost a lot....

I have also just bought a Blue Moon Ukulele (very cheap - bought just for fun!).  I also have a Tanglewood Resonator but I cannot remember the name of it.


Thanks Cytania.

Queen 1986 Kind of Magic Wembley concert - I was too young to go but have watched it over and over on Video, Laserdisc and DVD.  An absolutely awesome concert.  Freddie was such a master of the concert crowd.....

Concerts I have attended, I think the best strangely was Phil Collins, at Wembley Arena.  Not a big venue, but it was such a great concert with such a great atmosphere.

I recently saw the Rolling Stones tribute band in Burgess Hill...can't remember their name, but they where actually better than the origianl in my opinion!!


Hi guys,

I have ordered, and hope to receive very shortly, a Boss BR-600.  I have always wanted to record my playing/singing (cover songs though as I have not tried to write my own material yet).  I am hoping it will improve my playing.  Has anyone any tips - for example do I start with the drum track 1st, or record the guitar 1st, singing last?  Any hints/tips very much appreciated.




I had guitar lessons about 8 years ago.  My guitar teacher drilled into me the fact I should use the hardest pick I could find, therefore making anything else easy to play with - this included playing electric and acoustic.

Anybody have any comments on this?  A friend of mine had lessons and his teacher told him to use the softest pick and work up to a hard pick?

For acoustic guitar I am not sure I like the softer picks as you can hear the pick strike the strings a lot more - so you end up hearing the pick noise on the string more than the note you are playing....




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I am from West Sussex, United Kingdom (on the South coast, about 50 miles south of London).  First bought a guitar when I was 18 (I am now 35), took lessons about 8 years ago, then had a break of a few years, am now playing again, trying to get the fingers moving!


I am looking to buy a multi-track recorder.  I am particularly interested in the Boss BR-600.  I would not want to spend much more than about £200.00.  I dont really know much about these things, and wondered if anyone has one of these, what they are like (ease of use, etc), or whether anyone could recommend another model that may be better?

Thanks guys.



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I learnt the pentatonic scale (at least the first part anyway!).  It was the best thing I ever did - you can solo along to pretty much anything with that scale - its not the be all and end all but it's a start to get you used to soloing and to get practise and increase your confidence.