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I'd imagine that it has 4 real simultaneous inputs and that you can playback 32 tracks (already recorded) simultaneously... but don't quote me on that


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I use a magazine called guitar techniques: Makes you start to realise what massive task it is to learn to play guitar well...


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I guess it depends on the style you're trying to play.  I've been getting into using arpeggios over jazz progressions, which means that you've got to keep track of what chord the backing is on and play the right arpeggio notes at the right time...


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Brook guitars - hand mand in devon.  If only I had a couple of spare grand...


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For anyone who's unsure what open tunings are, they are the tuning of the strings to notes that belong to a given major chord.
Open G is D G D G B D (the notes that belong to a G chord)
Open D is D A D F# A D (the notes that belong to a D chord)
Open A is E A C# A C# E (the notes that belong to an A chord)
Open E is E B E G# B E (the notes that belong to an E chord)

Any major chord can be played by moving a barre around the fretboard with these...


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Try my site wink (link in signature)


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You can never guess where he'd go next.  His note choice and rhythm choice was also very unregimented, which makes him hard to imitate - especially if you've been taught music by the book.
An original blend of styles and influences and so on...


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There's several possible reasons for tuning down half a step.  Here's some of them:
To change key so that the singer doesn't struggle so much on the high notes.
To make string bends easier for the guitarist.
To enable the use of slightly heavier gauge strings without compromising the possiblity of string bends.
To get a deeper - heavier sound.
To be different to everyone else.
To copy your idols e.g. Hendrix
To make it awkward for other guitarists to play or transcribe your tunes - so that they have to keep retuning the flipping guitar depending on what they're playing.


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Some bands take drop D tuning and then detune everything further.  For example:
drop C would be C G C F A D
and drop B is B F# B E G# C#

Proper heavy...


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Generally, I use medium thickness picks:  Unless I need to up the tempo, in which case I use thicker picks with a sharp point...


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Guitar hero encourages bad picking hand technique, in that it's generally best for your picking hand to move metronomically when playing and just make contact with the strings when needed - as opposed to the 'jerky' hand motion you end up using for guitar hero...

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