Looks like I need to give Bushy some company here in Oz.

UJB, would appreciate you dropping my flag at Casterton, Victoria, Australia



Pers, I get this error occasionally when I've clicked on my Songbook tab but I've found by clicking on the tab a second time, I can access my songs.



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Hey Duffdm, welcome to Chordie.

This happens to me sometimes and has always been only temporary. I'm usually able to fix it it by either changing to another browser or re-booting.



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Thanks Roger, yeah I wasn't too clear in my original post. I knew I was always able to transpose, but without the Edit feature I wasn't able to save the transposed version. Thanks for all the great work you and the other mods do.



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Great to see the Edit feature back! One of the things that attracted me to Chordie initially was the ability to edit songs. Not because I wanted to mess with other people's work but because the edit feature let me tidy up those songs where the formatting got messed up along the way or where there were chords missing (or sometimes just wrong.) Edit also let me transpose songs into a key that suits my barely average singing voice and then save them in that transposed key.

Thanks Chordie, love your work.


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With Chordie being such a great site, I've grown lazy. I play for my own enjoyment and when every song I like is right there in front of me on my computer, I don't need to memorise anything anymore. Of course, if the computer should ever crash...:(

Wow! I know where to come if I need advice on my house renovations! smile

Me? I'm an ex-military electronics technician who retired from that life eight years ago after a 26 year career. I now teach others to be workplace trainers which I find hugely satisfying in terms of the self-development and growth I see in some of the people I teach.

Cheers to all,


Welcome Tony.

What the others have said is spot on...we've all been where you are now. If I can add my two cents worth; be prepared for the 'plateaus', in other words those times when you don't feel you're making any progress. This happens to most of us at various stages, just stick at it and work through those times  and all of a sudden you find yourself moving forward again.

Welcome again to Chordie and may I say you've come across a gold mine here. Stacks of very knowledgeable people with lots of good information.




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Hi Don,

Here's a link to start you off.

http://www.bossus.com/gear/productdetai … ductId=819

Merry Christmas,



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Hey Z,

I know exactly what you mean but I must admit I have a quiet little smile to myself when I read a songbook comment like:

"I've been playing guitar now for 3 months and can play all these songs easily"

When you open up the songbook it's like a Who's Who of the most difficult songs known to living man!

So I've learned to be my own barometer of what's easy and what's not. If it was just about strumming the chords to a song then maybe a lot of songs are easy to learn but as you pointed out there's a whole lot of other stuff going on as well that distiguish the song from just a nice sounding chord progression.

I'm sure you're about to get a whole lot of good advice from some well seasoned players here but if I can just jump in with my 5 cents worth. Don't give up. Keep practicing and keep challenging yourself. Don't just pick up your guitar and strum the same stuff every time, find something new that's going to stretch your learning. For me, I tend to be learning in stages. I'll pick up some new skills in a hurry and then I seem to plateau for a while before I step up to the next phase.

Be patient, keep practicing and be your own barometer.




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Hi Playalong,

Try searching under 'Lynyrd Skynard' instead, you might be pleasantly surprised. wink



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Hi Coffeefairy,

I think you'll find the Eric Clapton version might be another song that is experiencing copyright issues here on Chordie which is why it's no longer available.

However, you will find the song under Kenny Rogers if you do an artist search. From there it should be a simple matter to use the transpose tool to change it to D.




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My thoughts exactly Russell; ungrateful also came to mind. Well stated Doug.

Cheers to all.


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Hey Bensonp,

Is it just coincidence that your link to Tom Rush didn't work for me or do you think it might be that my computer is now forgetting things as well?  sad

Evermore - Light Surrounding You




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As a teenager in this part of the world, you were nobody if you couldn't play House of the Rising Sun and the Smoke on the Water riff.

Cheers to all,


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Hello Doc,

I'm not sure how to take the 'tone' of your last post. Are you genuinely concerned about my feelings or are you being condescending? I would hope you're being genuine in which case thank you for your concern but my feelings were not hurt. I just felt that your original post was not in the spirit of these forums.

I have some other thoughts about your latest post but I won't add them here as I don't think it would be appropriate. However, if you have no objections, I would like to email you privately about my concerns.

Best regards,



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Guitarpix wrote:

Thanks again Kap for the original post! I'd been trying to remember were I found it at!

Thanks for the attempt bswyers! Let me know if you figure anything out...  It sounds to me like possibly drop d tuning capoed on 2nd but the chords keep throwing me. Nothing seems to match just right.

Turret, Glad you liked it! Thanks belong to Kap though for the original post smile How are those bonsai going wink I've always found them intersting as well and have always planned on eventually getting one. -Pix

Whoa Pix! That's scary! How did you know about the bonsai? I don't think I've mentioned it here or anywhere else. Are we travelling in similar internet circles? Either way I'm impressed big_smile

Sadly two of the little guys are no more. We've just had four days straight of +40 Degree Celsius temperatures in this part of the world (you'll have to do the conversion to F but we're talking around 110 F). The heat just sucked the life out of them. sad

Good talking to you and also thankyou Kap from me for the original post



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Hey Pix,

Sorry, nothing to offer you as far as tabs/chords go but did want to say thanks, what a great song and video.




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Years ago a friend described something as:

"Bigger than God's underpants"

Still makes me smile to this day. smile


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Hey skydivr103,

I'm going through exactly the same dillema. Thinking of making my next purchase an A/E and was wondering whether I could use my existing 15w Marshall.

What to do?

Check out what the knowledgeable folks on Chordie say of course!

I ended up typing in 'acoustic amp' into the forum search box and came up with a stack of useful information (sorry don't have an actual link for you).

To summarise what most posts were saying: You can use your son's Marshall and the sound will be 'OK' but a dedicated acoustic amp is going to bring out the richer acoustic tones far better. I acknowledge I'm speaking from a largely unqualified perspective here as I have yet to make that purchase, so hopefully some of those more in the know will offer you more qualified advice.




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How does this topic not contravene the guidelines for enjoying the forums posted by Upyerkilt some time ago?


I get more than enough politics at work and from other websites, I'd prefer not to come across it here on my favourite music site as well. Apologies for any noses I may have bent out of shape.

Best regards to all.


Thanks Pix, that's going to make cleaning a whole lot easier!

Hi Folks, I'm getting the impression from some of the posts that the cleaning of the fret board happens while the strings are removed. I was told some time ago that when changing strings, I should only change one at a time as the tension of the remaining strings prevents the neck from twisting (?) out of alignment. Can anyone help me here? If it's not a big problem then I'm thinking that cleaning the fret board is going to be a much easier process if I can do it at string changing time with all the strings off. hmm


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Pearl Jam's 'Last Kiss' might be along the lines of what you're after.