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I got my wife a movie called, " My Sister's Keeper ". Out of all the movies that I've seen, this is the best so far. It really struck home with her because her best friend/cousin died from cancer when they were younger. Normally I don't watch sappy movies or chick flicks, but my wife has been wanting to see this one for a long time. So I got it for her. This is a movie than can be a conversation piece however if you watch it with your children be ready to answer questions.


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My wife is a very gullible. She has sent all kinds of money to all kinds of winnings, make youself wealthy working on line, and so on and so on. Each time she says she learnt her leason, this time I was there everytime this call came in and every time I told her no while she was on the phone. This time I picked up the phone and played their game, but with all kinds of questions. Everytime someone calls and asks for my wife I ask them who they are, what there number is and what the call is about. If they ask me if either she is here or can they speak to her I tell them the same thing. If it is important enough then they should have no problem telling me what it is. Most of the time they just hang up. I'm not being mean to my wife, I don't like her generosity/gullibily being exploited by others.


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KAP54, my wife IS one of those people.


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Someone called claiming that we had won the Austrailian Lottery. This time I answered the phone. They told me that they were a company representing the Austrailian Lottery and we won 2.5 million dollars and all we had to do was send them $650 for insurance on the check that it was going to be coming Fed Ex. Instead of giving the money I asked a list of questions. They said that they were in Jamaica.
1) Why do they need $650 dollars from me for insurance
2) The name of their company
3) How are they listed with the Better Buisiness Beauro
They again told me that the money was for insurance on the check. They game me the name of their company. Then they told me that there is no American BBB in Jamaica.
They are listed with they European Buisiness Beauro So I asked;
4) what is the phone number to the EBB
5) What is the phone number to the Austrailian Lottery
They told me that the company didn't want their number givin out. They gave me a number to the EBB. I used reverse look up on the internet and it came up with no known number.
I asked them for their number ( the caller id listed no known name and no known number ) they gave me a number and it to came up as nothing on the reverse look up.
I went round and round with the persone on the other end of the phone. She finally told me that I was just being difficult. I wished them a merry Christmas and told them that I would call them back in a couple of days, after I checked their company out.
Lets face it. All legitimate companies will have a name and phone number pop up on the caller id. Lottery companies have no problem with you calling them. Most of all I'm not difficult, I'm not sending someone $650 dollars to insure something that I haven't fully checked out first. There were other questions I asked, I just can't quite remember all of them.
I still get no name no number on the caller id. but they hang up on me. If my wife answers they'll want to talk to her. Go figure.


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Have you checked with 'ultimate-guitar',yet?


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Do you who it is by? Is it Counrty, Rock, Pop, etc.


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Click on 'My Songbook', it should appear. If it doesn't then it didn't get saved.


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try going to, and though  the public books


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Welcome C-rod, Hope you enjoy this site.


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Ken, Thanks for all of your help. I hope to again see your posts someday, whether here or somewhere else. Keep on writing.


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Thanks Russell,
There's a lot of fiction mixed in with facts when it comes to history.
This site grows every day. Some day we'll get some info that's never been written. Kinda like when you hang around with older people, they tell you things about; wars, history, geography, etc.. that could never have been found in a book.
History is a beautiful thing.


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I tried to teach myself, but I misserably failed. I learned to play the guitar from some of my inmates.

I was a correctional officer not so long ago. I tried to get a music program going, but it all went array. Before I could save it or expand it, or basically do anything with it I lost my job of about twelve years. I haven't gotten to finish learning and I never got to see the program that I helped to begin go anywhere. I believe that the program, by now is all but gone.

I tried to make so many changes and it had a positive impact. I worked for a private prison company. I made numerous suggestions, I even started putting some into effect, but it's all gone now.

I taught a lot to my inmates and I feel that I learned quite a lot as well.


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Ken I'm sorry, I knew you were Scottish, but like if I asked if anyone knew about William Wallace I know I I'd get all kinds of answers, But I'd want not just one opinion, but several. Like here in America if you were to ask what the cvil war was about, it would all depend on who you asked. One pereson would tell history and another would tell what they were told, and yet another would tell what they believed. I asked specific to either you or Lena cause I knew that one of you was almost always on line. You Scott and Lena Irish. I knew I could get an answer about it from someone that might know. Here in America we tend to learn what we are told is the truth, maybe not the actual trut, but opinion. I had a lot of teachers that taught by opinion. I also had out dated school books.


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Ken, Lena, can anyone tell me the whole truth behind this day?

I mean, there's what history teches, and then there's the truth.

So is history that is tought in schools correct or is there a little more than what we're told?


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This is well written, music wise, did you have chords to accompany it?


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  Maybe your wife is geeting your cookies before you, so now you've got to eat her choice.

I know that I'll have a few disagreements, but here it goes:
I love the girl scouts, but I feel that they're being exploited to sell a pretty nasty, expensive cookie.
If I see these little girls busting their butts to try to sell them, I'll buy them, if I've got the money on me. However, all I see anymore is either adults, older siblings, or even older kids selling the cookies. It is a great Idea to get the children out to sell something. There are so many things that they learn, but still.
Awhile back I asked a girl scout what she gets for selling a box of cookies and her reply, with excietment, was that she would get fifty dollars off towards going to camp. I know now that they get so much more for going out to sell cookies, but if all they tell the kids is that they get a discount towards going to camp then that's crap. Yes I do buy girl scout cookies, but only from the girls that are out there busting their butts trying to accomplish their goal, and only if I've got the money.


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My 11 year old is growing out of Hannah Montana, but now it's the Jonas Brothers. So I can understand.

The dentist plays softer music to help the pain killer set in.


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I didn't get to listen to all the songs, but what I heard, I thought it could sell. Now you have to find your target audience.
I don't think it'll sell a million, but it could pay the bills.


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For me it's Jesica Simpson. The only thing that she's got is her body, and we all know what happens to that in time.

Paris Hilton is another one. She can't sing. She can't act, and if she had my paycheck, she'd have nothing.


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It's been quite awhile since I was on the computer, so here goes a new subject.

Do you have any songs that just erk you to no end when you here it?

There are several that make me want to destroy my radio when they come on.

I love most all music, but there are some that should never have happened.


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On The Road Again

Take Me Home Country Roads


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SouthPaw41L hit it dead on.
Also, you'll find numerous songs out there that it may look like only one person is doing everything, but in reality there is a second guitar playing. Take Guns n Roses for instance.
Play what you can, don't try copying what you see one person doing.
I tried whatching James Taylor, on a PBS special, he did an amazing job, but when I tried to copy what I saw him doing it came out worse than when I was just doing it my way.
Maybe even get away from the song that you are trying to learn for a few days and try a different song, it'll give you mind a chance to relax from the song. As in anything, if you consentrate to long on being stuck, then you'll stay stuck, just rest awhile.

There are many different types of country music.
No Garth didn't kill old country.
Country, today, is a show piece. There are many country music preformers that can neither read nor write music. They sing other people's music. A lot of what is going on is someone will cut a demo of how a song should go then the name will kareoke to it to learn it and later preform it.
Country has become an image issue.
Country is money, it's getting away from emotion.


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It's not just greed, but it's people looking to get something for nothing, it's being gullible.
My wife fell for an ad. it said to notify people that they had money coming, and to let them know how much. First you paid to get in then they sent you an information sheet of people that had money comig and how much. All you had to do was send them the info and for a fee you'd do their paper work for them. Suffice to say she got no responses. She sent out several letters, so you take the cost of paper and stamps, it added up a little.

Then another is where, for a small fee, someone will send you a listing of jobs. She did that one too.

I stay supportive, but sometimes I have to jump in and  tell her it's a scam, and I have to stop her. We don't have the internet at home anymore. I use the computer at work.