For me the Grammies lost all credibility when Melissa Ethridge lost "Best new Artist" to Milli Vanilli.


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there's no need to memorize Dude, just print out the songs you like.  Most of the stuff on here prints on one or two pages,  so if fits easily into a binder.   After you've played the songs about a billion times you'll have them cold.


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Tenessee - RockyTop - "Rocky Top, you'll always be home sweet home to me.  Good old Rocky Top.  Rocky Top, Tenessee" I don't recall the original artist.  Was it Ricky Skaggs?  I don't think he's old enough, but he started when he was three so he got quite a head start.

I think it was the Osbourn brothers,  they may not have been first but they had the biggest hit with it.


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Bruce Springsteens Fender Esquire,  The one he holds  on the cover of  "Born to Run".


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I'm surprised no one has mentioned Chuck Berry, very influential in rock guitar playing.