in my primary school days back in the 50's we used to sing most days, especially at going home time. as it was a Welsh school we'd sing in Welsh. also at secondary school we had music classes as part of the curriculum, mainly singing (again in Welsh) and learning music notation, which i paid little attention to. when i got to 15 a classmate brought his guitar in to school and i noticed the attention he got form the opposite sex, so when he put his guitar up for sale i bought it. it lasted about a week before i over tightened the strings and broke it. i used to dream of being a singer but was kicked off the school choir for singing out of tune! no-one complains that much anymore, and subsequent better guitars that i learned to tune properly, helped me to sing in tune....most of the time.


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lovely song Jim. most people would like to be able to say those things which makes it a very personal song for whoever sings it, unfortunately it wont be me as i seem to have developed some kind of throat and chest infection. hope someone can do it credit.


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on "the old grey whistle test"...a rock show in the UK during the 70's.
the bassist was John Illsley who was there from start to finish. they later changed drummer to a guy called Terry Williams (no relative) who happened to come from Swansea which is about 9 miles from here. I saw him many times playing in local bands before joining the Straits.


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thought i'd stick my nib in this month with a cover of a cliff richard song, i'm not a fan but i've done this a few times live...travelling light.


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Doug, you crack me up..."more fingers than i was born with" lol lol


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thanks Jim. i never thought of it that way. whatever floats your boat as they say. every day is saturday since i retired...yawn...think i'll take a little nap


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thanks Peatle. i retired about 4 years ago and as you say i still get that dream; late for work or fallen asleep and the feed is running out, ahhh!

have to say, i loved my job and if the place hadn't closed i would still be there at 66. i'm missing the excersize, you want to see the belly i've cultivated? no you don't....believe me


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Dreaming 'Bout a DreamUndefined

[E] Wake me up in the morning.

If [C#m] you've got nothing to do.

[F#7] I don't mind sitting round.

[B7] Doing nothing with you.

[E] You're always going somewhere.

You're [C#m] always on the go.

[F#7] I just want a quiet life.

With [B7] someone that I love.



[Ab] I had dreams when I was young.

[C#m] Everything but having fun.

[F#7] Never been to anywhere.

That [B7] I would want to go back there.


So, [E] let me take a shower.

I [C#m] wont take all that time.

If [F#] only I had summer clothes.

[B7] Hanging on the line.

[E] We could walk in the sunshine.

Strole [C#m] down to the beach.

[F#] Build some castles in the sand.

Go [B7] swimming in the sea.


[E] Wake me up in the morning.

Or [F#7] let me sleep till late.

I'm [A] only dreaming 'bout a dream that's [E] gone.

Words & Music by Phill Williams.  11th May 2018

this is a new song and can be found at...


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you tag line says; "music is what feelings sound like..." well, your words are honest feelings musically recited. well done, thanks for sharing.


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Thanks EB. This came to me in the shower so I had to keep repeating it in my head incase I forgot it.

Hi Bill. Dosh is an old fashioned slang for money.

In a stroke is intended to mean "in a flash or immediately"

The things in the paper bag were her belongings not tax detritus. The bottom dropping out in the rain was to show how dumb she was, yet clever enough to fool the taxman...yeyh

Line 5, we have social security in the UK which will give alcoholics, druggies etc money, but I couldn't get that to rhyme...

Ich deign?


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Monday's Child.

Monday's Child was named Tuesday.
Not pretty, not clever. No brain!
She carried her things in an old paper bag.
And so it fell out when it rained.
She lived on the money from begging.
The taxman lost out in a stroke.
She claimed lots of dosh from a man in a car.
For the leg that she claimed that he broke.
She lost all her teeth in a car crash.
She lost all her hair in a fire.
She should have stayed home on the day that she died.
Accident prone and a liar.


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as i play lefty i have no problems following righties as rog says "it's like looking in the mirror" which is what lennon did when he and mccartney got together. i guess chord sheets would help a great deal?


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Well done Peatle, you always seem to be able to put into words what I'm thinking, although I've never thought of it as rapid gunfire. Top marks again.


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I'm not ready to pop my clogs just yet but I can echo all your sentiments, wish I'd done this, wish I'd said that etc, etc. When I think of all the opportunities I missed cos I was too lazy to go for it....

Well done, got me thinking.


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Trump is always on about American jobs, he could make a name for himself by buying one each for all the White House

I won't get one because I don't like the flat, thick neck not because I want to see Gibson to bust, though I wouldn't mind a top end acoustic....


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Jim, I think you've nailed it. Deadeye's edit gives it that extra dimension. Well done to both


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I often think when I see descriptive songs like this...are they fact or made up? This I believe to be a true happening, maybe not on the same trip or the same time. Beautifully written, I don't have my guitar with me and I'd so like to play it.

Post the recording soon


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Peatle as a father of four and grandfather of eleven I understand each and every sentiment.

Your recording is quite dramatic but your vocals are very low in the mix. All I have to listen is my tablet so as I don't have my guitar either a test drive will have to wait till Tuesday or Wednesday, maybe Thursday but I will do my best. Great work.


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I love Paul Simons work. I recently bought his Graceland's album with all his comments and recording and writing techniques....I found it very informative and also shows that any little thing can become a song if you look at it the right way.


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I suppose you could always post your songs in songwriting? As long as you get the formatting right, they will appear in chopro format. Your friends can then log into Chordie to play them and as an added bonus we can all share them and add comment and critique!


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I feel used and abused....."why else would I write in here?" Tut tut tut!!! No only joking. It reads like you're running away from some misdeed you perpatrated in your youth?
So when can we expect the recording?


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Another goodie. I don't know who said it but the quote goes something like....I may not agree with what you're saying, but I'll fight to the death for your right to say it!


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I'm happy with my Peavy which is quite powerful enough and heavy enough. I've more or less given up gigging so buying a new amp is not really cost effective as Ann is already on at me to sell my gear. Something I'm loath to do as I might get the performing but again, or maybe join a band...I think I'd like to do day...


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£254 for what looks like the same amp. Two fender speakers!!!


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Bit of both I expect Russ. Maybe the prices have gone down lately, I'll check and get back to you on that one in all honesty I haven't looked for many years.