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I buried my friend in the garden
In a place reserved for gold fish
I tried to rationalize by saying it was tortoise shell
knowing deep down it was just plastic
It's colour was right
It's thickness was good
It strummed or played licks like a good `un
In my fingers it sat
As solid as a rat
So I found a new one
And that's that 


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Very clever and witty. I imagine, if your like us over the pond, self isolation tends to push us in close proximity causing personal space infringements? =arguments.

Fine piece of writing     


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RIP Toa. The locals and professionals have done their best but nature isn't  always as sympathetic as we imagine it to be     


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Two things Jim, I told Ann "I'd love to have that..." And she bought it for me..sneaky huh? And two, electronic drums need an amp or headphones, I use the latter.
Now as I'm getting on, she asks me things like what do I do with all this stuff when you're gone? I say..I'll be dead so I won't care!

I forgot to mention my Peavy guitar amp in my last post.     


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I think that's one of the reasons I chose to play lefty, so no dickheads would want to play my babies!

I told Ann I'd laid my pick to rest and all she could say was...what about the rest of the stuff you don't use any longer? Does she want a divorce or what?

Stuff that no longer works that are gathering dust but I can't get rid of...

A Sony minidisc player.
A Sony twin deck cassette player/recorder
Assorted stomp pedals.
Several cameras and camcorders
And a 50 inch flat screen TV.

Stuff that does work...

4 stage speakers
Mixer amp, 500 watt
Various stands and mics
She even wants me to thin out my babies...I only have 4 acoustics, + an acoustic bass
3 electrics + an electric bass
2 electronic drum sets
A stage laptop
And a stage minidisc player

There's lots more including 3 keyboards and two sets speaker stands. If you think this is a boot sale...it's not!     


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There used to be a topic about picks on here some time ago, I'm not trying to revive that but say what happened the other night when I broke my Pick. I don't break them as a rule they just wear out. And it's not like I don't have spares, I have hundreds. This time my pick broke at the sharp end ( I'm sure there's a technical name for that bit) so I put it down. Now I've been using that pick for a long time and I'd grown quite attached to it, so it's still sitting here on my PC desk as I'm finding it difficult to throw away, it's too small to be re-sharpened, that being done several times before, so it had to be retired, but I cant seem to get myself to throw it in the bin...I may bury it in the garden? 

Welcome back Bill. I know I've already responded to this post but I was so saddened to hear of your troubles yet I know the spark is still strong in you both.
Give Dondra a hug from me and Ann.     

Hi Bill, we've missed you too, in a big way! When ever you're ready to pop in I for one will be waiting. Here's hoping you're well and thinking of joining in soon.



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Very powerful words Pete. Let us all hope Toa and his family are reunited soon before the storm hits. They are expecting a big storm for those that don't know.     


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Nice one Jim.     


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You swine....I had a big smile on my face and a tear in my eye towards the end. What a fabulous bunch of guys they are! Personally I love banana with my Weetabix, as well as corn flakes ice cold milk and sugar.
Your poem reminded me of the good old days; post war shortages which meant no sugar, cheese and butter was handed out free due to surpluses after the war. I was encouraged to eat cheese by my family saying "it's American cheese" no wonder I'm so over weight!

Cod liver oil tablet every night before bed
Weetabix or cornflakes or tea and white bread
That's breakfast each morning, short trousers and cap
Then meet my mates and walk to school
Can anything be better than that?

Phill Williams age 8     


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Excuse the confusion...but aren't Weetabix a breakfast cereal?

I love my Weetabix with cold milk and sugar
I also love cornflakes the same way
Sometimes I mix both and eat them for supper
Disapproval and tut, tuts come my way

Sugar puffs, frosties, Quaker oats and rice crispys
Make my mouth water at the thought
Farley's rusks for a flash back
And shredded wheet for the sport     


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Thank you both...it is very unlikely if I do a music version that it will appear on YT. I think you'll understand why?     


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Pete, there was a big thing last year about cheques being fazed out, but a visit to my local bank, which is becoming cyber only, I was informed if I wanted to put money in  (unlikely now!) I should use a cheque! So that's another clever idea down the pan mister banker!!!! You may change the first letter to Whatever you like...lol     


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I know it's been said many times; Chordie does not host the songs it just collects them from other sites to make it easier for us to find a song we'd like. You can edit the words or chords of songs if you register as an editor. I apologize if my information is incorrect.     


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This was meant to be a song but when I read it through it felt more like a poem. I didn't realize as I was jotting random thoughts down that I was summing up the 40 or so years Ann and I have been together, going to work etc.

Missing You.            Phill Williams.

I miss the kind of things.
Like kissing you goodnight.
Like drinking tea and talking.
Like sleeping over night.

I miss the conversation.
Sometimes we'd disagree.
Talking till the sunrise.
I miss you next to me.

I miss the kind of things.
We've done for all these years.
I miss you in the daytime.
When we cant be near.

I miss you when the moon.
Is a crescent in the sky.
I miss you when my papers.
Are burning in the fire.

I miss you as a flame.
Makes the darkness light.
I miss you in the morning.
I miss you in the night.

I miss you as you're leaving.
And I'll be leaving too.
I love it when we're home again.
Then I stop missing you. 


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Ann made a good point; the banks want to migrate to internet banking, obviously to make more money for themselves and their rich cronies. It's OK for the younger generation and even people like me that have a fairly small understanding of how the internet, computers etc work. But the older generation ( over 70's) may not have that understanding. Banks are closing their local branches here in the UK, the tory government has already forced the closure of many post offices so getting actual cash to pay for small items is going to be more and more difficult for our oldies. The excuse is to stop "cash in hand" workers that don't pay tax on their earnings...BS! It's all to do with the mega rich, the governments/politicians and oligarchs making more billions than they already have all on the backs of the poor working class.
How's that for a rant Mr Jville?     


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Another south paw like me. Practice is essential but play songs as much as you can to keep up the excitement of being able to play and change from one chord to another quickly and seamlessly.
What guitars do you have BTW?     


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yes but it seems Chordieland north have all taken their summer holidays as usual come summer. BTW my addendum was a parody of your last three lines, eg...moby dick = sick? as I believe all adrenaline junkies have some important brain cells missing the ones that tell you to get out of the way when an express train is coming at you!

they dive from a bridge 200 feet high
with only a rope, they hope it's tied
they fall so fast the grounds getting close
bunjee they scream as the blood leaves their nose

the waves in Hawaii are big and yet warm
in hobitland it's winter and the south pole sends storms
if the wind and the ice and the sharks miss their mark
they'll come `round again when the day becomes dark

if you like the scary feeling of near death excitement
go join the army and go join the fighting
they'll give you a gun and your very own suit
ISIS and taliban are quite happy to shoot....at YOU

just came to me, hope you don't mind?     


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I see the storm has got the juices flowing there Pedr?
"you make me sick
you make me spew
you should think of others not just you"
moby dick
ate the crew
he ate the others, why not you?     


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Hi Jim.
This is another great song from you. I ran through it last night and was about to commit it to tape but I have a bad bout of flu which makes me cough and my throat is very sore, so I've put it off for another day, if that's alright?     


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Give em a foot and they'll take a mile
Give them a laugh but they'll never smile
Try to be friendly they'll just spit in your face
Give them your time but it's just a waste.

They try to be clever they're just blowing gas
Not from their mouth but out of their...nether regions
They can't say the truth well they have their reasons
Their not human beings, their just politicians.     


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My two antipodean lords,

Her belly is full, but her mind it was empty
Her lips plump with collogen
Promise of plenty
Chicken wings in places I'm too polite to mention
Max Factor got rich on her ageing intervention
She's a modern young lady like many around her
Tattoos and piercings
And coke to support her
A victim of fashion
She follows each trend
Mod, punk and goth
A fake to the end     


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glad to hear it. cos i am the egg man. they are the egg men you are the walrus     


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that has to be a cross between Edward Lear and John Lennon with a little of the Goodies in the mix.

Humpty Dumpty sat on the floor
a spoon in his hand
and an eye on the door
the king with his guard
rode silently by
soldiers at the ready
to dip in his eye
ah yes, said the queen
an egg of great proportions
an egg and spoon race
to my Sundae devotions
toast with red jam
marmite with real spam
but the wall is devoid
of the giant ovoid
he lays on the floor
like the hens do next door
yet his shell is full cracked
it seems the poor egg was whacked
by a hungry buffoon
and an old cricket bat

and that's the end of that.tarah