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TIGLJK wrote:

you guys crack me up !

There about a million Dylans out there - must have thought a lot of the great poet Dylan Thomas! smile

Bob Dylan, named himself after the bard     


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Lovely song Jim. It plays great too. I changed the chords a bit, adding an Em a Bm also an Am in the second part of the verses. If I get time next week I'll send it to you.



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John Lennon's middle name is Winston after the ex PM, but everybody knows that....right?

His son Julian was named after John's mother... Julia.

My father's name was Llewellyn, but no one could pronounce it so they called me Phillip!     


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thanks keepitreal for giving my little ditty a listen. hope you enjoyed it?     


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a new song, very country, i think suitable for line dancing...please listen and comment


thanks  phill 


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I kinda sold out many years ago. I wanted to be in an original band playing rock music, but we never got many gigs. so the focus turned to playing pops, ballads and country songs, then sneaking in a few rockers towards the end when the punters are too inebriated to complain! that was the 70's, things have changed since. maybe it's my generation, late 60's, but all the acts i see these days are playing "don't stop believing" "human" both songs by that name, "another brick in the wall" etc, etc. they also love line dancing...anything but originals they talk through anything they've never heard before. i saw a guy in my local last week who charged £100 for the night, when he does his simply red tribute he charges £500....go figure, i didn't rate him for the £100. if you come to the UK you'll have to sing in english!     


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I have a gig box in which I carry essentials, spare strings, plectrums, various guitar FX with tuners included, and a headstock tuner for acoustic. I also have a lint free cloth to wipe the sweat from the woodwork and strings as sweat contains chemicals that will wear away the paint and lacquer and damage the strings. We're all different.     


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True, but no one got beaten up just told what kind of cave man/woman they were.     


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Jeremy Kyle dates it, yeah? They binned him last year lol. I'm sure you've posted this before it looks familiar. but then everything looks familiar, it's just names that escape me....     


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Hi Jim, I miss Bill too...BIG TIME! I'm hoping he's well.

I saw someone on the infernal net made a comment about even modern pop songs using the old C-Am-F-G chord sequence, almost all songs from the 50's had this riff. and their still using it today, old habits die hard?

I don't actually understand the fahrenheit scale any more since we went all European, maybe they'll change it back now we've left. Graham and I both agree that it was a big mistake we'll all have to pay for.

Keep warm my friend     


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so....have you ever been noodling and found a chord sequence and thought "that's original?" only to find you've used it many times before, if not you then every other guitarist in the world? i thought i had until i realised i'd used it in another key, well several other keys. so...how do you make a well known chord sequence sound original? sequence being; Bm-G-A...ETC then i realised it sounded nice with a reggae beat or rhythm so i'm working on it, the story is a little off track at the moment. i may post it when i've finished it if it sounds good.

anyone else found themselves in this predicament?

ps, i know it's friday so i don't expect any replies any time soon. have a nice weekend and happy february 


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Hi jiasmith, welcome to Chordie. First off, if you have a question you'd get more help by starting your own thread. I've attempted to move your post but messed up somehow. Don't worry I'll get it sorted. Oh and sorry I can't answer your questions.     


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Thank you both, yes they are thought's that most if not all us old cronies get at some point, Peatle, and I've done a couple of songs in this ilk myself Graham mainly in the theme of remembering past love...so I'm a romantic?... don't tell the wife!!!!lol

Creaking bones, failing eyesight, beer belly, all stuff that's developed since I retired, enough to do another poem or song?     


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The first lines were in my head as I woke this morning and I've added to it as new bits came to me. I'm sorry if it's a bit morose but I've been to a funeral this last week and I'm expecting at least another one soon.

Age Concern?   by Phill Williams

I was in that twilight zone.
Between sweet dreams and ice cold day....

I wake from dreams of running,
And playing games; of loving and of sunny days.

Then as I leave my bed...

With the first pain of aching bones.
I tell myself “you're an old man now...face it”
I limp to that horrid, reflecting glass
And look into it's cruel truth.
The face that stares defiantly back at me
As it has for almost 70 years.
I was once; cuddly, then handsome. Then distinguished.
Now lined and scarred and tired.
Still believing, or wishing my life would go on...
A little longer...or a lot longer.

60 years ago; everyone older looked ancient!
Yet still believing they would always be there.
And when I reached their age...they were gone
And one day so will I.
Who will miss me?
Keep me in your mind and I will never truly die.
As the faces in my past remain alive inside my mind. 


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Peatle Jville wrote:

Take the famous Handel who wrote Handels  Messiah sung by choirs all around the world. A bizarre incident in 1704 might have seen Handel's composing career cut tragically short after a set-to with fellow composer Johann Mattheson. The two had a duel over who should conduct their orchestra., Mattheson almost killed Handel with his sword, which fortunately struck a button on Handel's chest rather than the chest itself.

I've been in bands where disagreements erupted into violence, mainly handbags at dawn....whoever dawn was!!! But never proding with sharp stuff.
I was once in a band where I was tasked with choosing the next song, long sets 9 till 1 am. Then the bassists girlfriend shouted out "why does he have to pick the songs?" Yoko Ono moment? I moved to bass after that and he moved to Liverpool and became a copper...go figure?     


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I can spell it too.....I T     


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It's great to be part of something so amazing. Well done and congratulations on being the go to guy when others drop out. It must be grand to be part of such a worthy cause.     

Nice one Richard, looks like you had a lot of fun.     


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do you feel better now you've got that off your chest? most band disagreements arise when there are more than one dominant personalities.  often people that are meek at the beginning turn into the "one who must be obeyed" even if they cant play or write, been there done that, became solo!     

mrkite, you seem to have managed it this time, welcome to the forums     


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Several sayings come to mind; grab the bull by the horns, never look a gift horse in the mouth, etc, etc!

Sounds like one of those rags to riches film plots. Go for it and enjoy the ride.     


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Nice one Beamer, made me smile with the imagery, full of double meanings. Must have been fun to write and perform when it's done.     


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mojo01 wrote:

thinking there is a country song in her shadylips ….maybe.

any way most of my songs start out a single line that usualy comes to me out of the blue and then build around it. 9 times out of ten it gets changed around in the end. I allways have trouble with coming up with a chorus  for a song why  many of mine do not have one. and that brings me around to what I am working on now , a line hit me the other day made a few adjustments and now have  a great chorus I think. now  need to build around it which opposite of what I usualy do .

Same with me, a line hits me, I write it down, if I can, then when I go to work on it... subsequent lines are a different measure, so the first line gets changed!
I then struggle to find a chorus. My two main sources are failed songs and a young feller called Jim, he's always good for a chorus.. aren't you Jim?
Now that you mention it "her shadylip" does get the creative juices bubbling!     


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Hi mactuan welcome to Chordie. As a drummer you'll most likely be aware that musicians whatever they play need help and advice somewhere along the line, you'll find that here in abundance. Good luck and don't be a stranger.