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There words just flow. So much so that I couldn't help but feel you're speaking from experience?
I haven't tried it yet, no time at the moment, but it's another winner.     


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Welcome to the forums. We all have a rant from time to time but you feel so strongly about it that you posted it twice!!!!! Don't worry the mod for that forum will delete one of them.
As for who chooses which song goes into which category that is also a mystery to me. It could well be the program. As is often stated here on the forums, Chordie is basically a search engine, no songs are actually stored here apart from maybe originals?
I hope you feel better after getting that off your chest and that you may join us in our discussions, Q and A and advice.


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excellent misdirection not revealed till the last verse. clever. like it i do     


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A sad poem, I think? With an optimistic outlook? I tried imagining a rhythm or style but failed, maybe best kept as a poem?
A great piece of writing and I love the background, maybe you'll start a new trend?     


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As usual the first line came to me in the shower! The title came some time after the song was done. I tried it in different styles, CW, rock, ballad, waltz...etc, I've yet to see how it works out.
Calling Elvis hadn't occurred to me even though I've listened to it many times. Maybe Paul Simons Graceland or Mark Cohen's Walking in Memphis had some input.
I think the song is describing the impact Brexit is having on my home town, with everything, it seems, closing.     


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Thanks Jeff, I'd love to hear how you'd play it as I tried it about ten different ways. I've begun recording it but I'm still not 100% on the style I've chosen.     


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And hello to you, welcome to Chordie forums. Give us a few details about yourself, do you play an instrument and where do you come from? It is always a privilege to welcome a new member.     


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A country rock slow-ee?

Memphis Is Calling.Undefined

[A] So, you're moving down to Memphis.

And you're going on your own.

No one going with you.

And you've bought a brand new phone.

[D] You don't want no one calling.

When you're [E] looking for a job.

And [A] maybe if you're [D] lucky.

You can [E] find a Lancelot.

Down in [A] Memphis. [F-E] Down in [A] Memphis.

[A] You used to own a coffee shop.

And people called around.

Sunday afternoon you had a band there playing loud.

[D] Taxes went up through the roof.

And your [E] profits they went down.

You [A] had no other [D] choice.

But to [E] turn away the crowd.

And go to [A] Memphis. [F-E] Go to [A] Memphis.


[F#m] Memphis is calling.

You can [E] start up once again.

You [D] used to live there long ago.

So you're [E] gonna see old friends.

Down in [A] Memphis. [F-E] Down in [A] Memphis.

[A] You felt like they all let you down.

They wont miss you here.

Sometime in the future.

They may wonder where you are?

[D] Don't want no one calling.

If you [E] find a brand new place.

[A] Last thing that you [D] want is to [E] see a familiar face.

Down in [A] Memphis. [F-E] Down in [A] Memphis.


Words & Music by Phill Williams. Home Rex. August 27th 2019. 


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Glad to hear it. Keep it up... practice makes perfect.     


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Such a deep and meaningful song. I had to read it twice to fully understand your depression and how sums up how I felt when I was made redundant after 19 years in a job I loved.
Let's hear it soon.     

Sweeeeeet!!! I'm not sure about the heavier gauge strings though.     


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I did my first solo gig the week Elvis died. I played workingmens clubs mainly and pubs occasionally. As I'd been playing in bands I had a H/H pa amp played through a Marshall 4X12 speaker for vocals and guitar. I later progressed to column speakers and a combo amp for guitar. I had music written out as we still had organ and drum accompanyment here in the UK, which soon died out for financial reasons. So I graduated to a drum machine to compete with some bloke plonking records on a turn table then onto backing tracks which I produced myself. I still throw in the occasional voice/guitar song and unlike the chap I saw yesterday in Hereford  I play rhythm and lead live even if I mess up which I do regularly.
To be honest, I use backing tracks for my own satisfaction and it's easier for people to dance to so I get more gigs!


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This will be a hard time for you. Try to focus on the good times you had together and I guess there were many.

Condolences to you and his family.


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I think we've all been through that seeing an ex in a crowd? Wondering if you've missed out or lucky escape?

I should have given it a listen before replying but I wanted to get my thoughts down before losing them. So off I go to SoundCloud.     

Edited to add following....

You've made a great recording of a great song, well done. Your voice and guitar playing are superb as is your writing.


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What is the hourly rate?

Suggestion for a name? Got to be Abbey Road 2 (or west)

Fabulous job     

Made me laugh out loud. But only 4 guitars? Is she worth going back for???     


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I think Richard is correct. You have to use the right style of brackets and get instruction code in the correct order. Check out the "stickies" (information posts) at the top of the songwriting forum.     


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Sounds like green eyed monster time....

on my part, how I wish I could have that in my pathetic excuse for a studio!

When you're driving a Bentley, do you worry about overtaking a mini? Grass will grow, it'll still be there tomorrow or next week...next year?
BTW, your pics have come out as code.


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I've said it before and I'll say it again; you have a great way with words. I like the fact that you're experimenting with a bridge. Getting a story across can be boring for the listener, so I like to keep them guessing. They should never know what's coming next.     

My wife asks me " so how many guitars can you play at the same time?" so I say, " well, Steve Howe has one slung over his shoulder, one on a stand in front of him and a pedal steel on it's own stand!  I've also seen Joe Walsh with 2 guitars shoulder slung". She comes back; " so why do you need 8 of them gathering dust around the house? You certainly ain't Joe Walsh or Steve Howe" (I made that up, she's never heard of Yes or the Eagles)

So, why does she have 30 pairs of shoes? she can only wear one pair at a time! I've never said that out loud either.LOL     


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I suppose it could have been worse? You could have been in the wrong church!!!!!

But great story, how did the gig go ? Sore digits I'm guessing?     

beamer wrote:

I showed my new girlfriend what I bought.  If you remember she was with me when I just not too long ago bought the Schecter.  she says "Don't you have a lot of guitars already?  I preceded to send her 6 memes on the topic. LOLOLOL

Her reply was "OK I get it. Guitars Guitars Guitars".

Well that was easy.  big_smile

sounds like a keeper     


My pal Adrian has a 12 string Burns that sounds fabulous, he also has the 6 string version as played by Hank Marvin during the early 60's. And like you has lots of other guitars too. Enjoy your purchase, I bet you cant wait?     


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Welcome to the forum.
I can see no reason why not. If you can download them to your PC it should be possible. If all else fails highlight the song and paste in your word or whichever prog you use, then format to suit yourself.     


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Hi Helen and welcome to Chordie. Sorry I missed your intro post. I noticed you haven't posted since July 1. It would be nice to hear from you again.

Also welcome to aliasbury. We hope you'll both join in and take part in the forum.