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When you say buzzing and muted strings I can't believe no one ponted out the fact that guitars have different nut widths. Sounds like you bought one with a narrower nut than you had before.  Sounds good when the guy in the store plays it because he probably has skiny little spider fingers like a lot of guitar players have( damn you all ).  I am graced with monster fat fingers and 1 11/16 nuts just do not work for me but a 1 7/8 nut works like a charm.  Want to test it out without a long drive put a capo on the second or third fret and see how it plays  ....if you don't have a capo  a smooth pen or pencill with a couple of rubber bands will do for the test.


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Something is screwed up when you try to view Dave Mathews Band songs  by clicking on the band name after selecting a song as you can with other artists

Thanks for a great site


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After  a few sets I am going negative on the Elixir stings  I bought a new guitar with light Yamaha bronze strings  they held tune and lasted longer than any of the elixirs I have tried but I could not find any replacements .  Tried Dean Markley sounded like c**p tried Elixir lights sounded like c**p  had to go to Elixir nanoweb medium to get even close to the tone of the light Yamaha strings  and the Elixirs have only been on for two weeks and are already discolouring in the high use areas.

Sorry but I think we are being sold a bill of goods that just increases profits not performance. Last set I ever buy.

so what happened to the Auto scroll   did it die  ?  I can't find it


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I recently upgraded and played a huge number of guitars priced from 500- 3500  guess what I bought  a Yamaha LL6T $600-700 range   This guitar blew the higher priced offerings and " top  Brands " out of the water .   You can buy Canadian if you want but give this guitar a play before you make the final decision.