Jaysus dats simple, and it sounds right too. Thanks a million

I was wondrin if anyone knows the chords for Christy Moore's The Night's Visit. Great Irish tune and some craic to listen to. Cheers peeps..


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Thats some story. I suppose music without emotion is just noise.


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when i play my guitar i pretty much always have to use a capo. i finally have most of the chords nailed and im happy with my strumming/fingerpicking but the one thing that bugs me is when i dont use a capo some notes ring or dont work at all. i can bearly barre without the capo either. is it me or the guitar? cheers


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Doug, you should be a politician. As the old saying goes "s*** happens". What can ya do??

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Whoa dats weird. I just checked and my strumming hand is definately shorter. Proof of evolution methinks??

Thanx to all who replied. I think deep down i knew it was about time i learned theory, im just dreading it. It seems so confusing. And thanks to Geoaguair for the link,im definately getting that book.

Does anyone know the proper chords for The Streets of New York by the Wolfe Tones?? They're an Irish rebel band and its a great song.

I have been playing guitar for around a year and a half and i think im fairly good. The thing is i dont have a clue about music theory. I was just wondering if there is anyone who has been playing for years and cant read theory?? Nice one