Topic: i need a capo

when i play my guitar i pretty much always have to use a capo. i finally have most of the chords nailed and im happy with my strumming/fingerpicking but the one thing that bugs me is when i dont use a capo some notes ring or dont work at all. i can bearly barre without the capo either. is it me or the guitar? cheers

Re: i need a capo

I would think it sounds like a few things maybe.

You say you get a ringing sound. This might be nutt fault, ( the part where the strings are guided from the tuning keys to the fret board)

Also if you can only barr when a capo is on then I would think your action is too high. When you put a capo on it reduces the action of the strings so it would make it easier to barr.

I would suggest you get yerslef down to a music shop with no intention of buying a guitar. Ask to have a shot of some really good guitars and see how you get on with them.
This is not to say yours is not a good guitar. It might just need a little help from an experienced person.
If you find you can play other guitar ok and you do not want to change your guitar you can ask in a shop for advice. They would probably ask you to bring it in so they can have a look and let you know if it is worth doing anything or/and how much it would cost.


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Re: i need a capo

Sounds to me like your action is too high. You can get this adjusted in a good guitar shop and it shouldn't be very expensive. I'd take Ken's advice and go and try some expensive guitars. Even if it's just for the fun of it!

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