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Interesting thread.

We have "soda bread" in Ireland that is very similar to the recipe mekidsmom gave ( see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soda_bread ). The main difference is that we don't add butter. it's usually shaped into farls ( it starts off circular and is cut into quarters.) and is cooked on a flat griddle. There are pictures of a farl on the link. Because it is cooked on the griddle, it is flipped over to cook, which keeps the farl from rising very high.

The buttermilk is a souring agent that reacts with the baking soda to make the bread rise. I'd wondered if the Scotch-Irish links with the carolinas, tennesee and kentucky might have been a reason for the similarity, but the link suggests that soda only came in in the 1840's.

My father would talk about having buttermilk for breakfast every morning when he lived in fermanagh during the war. Interestingly, the "fiery" preacher, Rev Ian Paisley used to call alcohol " the devil's buttermilk" !

I don't see it so much in the ROI, lena - soda bread that is - there's plenty of the devil's buttermilk ?


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The main article in this month's Sound on Sound (http://www.soundonsound.com/ - though I don't think you can access the article yet)  is on recording acoustic guitar. It makes interesting reading, if only to see a guitarist being treated like a monkey in order to get a particular sound. Would you ever change your pick, or stick two picks to a penny just to make it sound different ?

Dinner and builders don't mix !

We finished off an extension to the house just before Xmas (18th December, a friday). We'd been given the previous Monday as the last day - so we could finish clearing up for our Annual get-together with one side of the family ( we have a meal in our house and then walk to the theatre and back ).

Of course the tiler decided a couple of homers were more important than the party, and then the joiner (carpenter ?) disappeared. It was thursday and no front door, a cracked toilet - the list goes on. Well, I broke that builder's balls all right. It ended up with the tiler finishing at 6.30 on the Friday and the joiner at 7.00.

My cousin arrived an hour early ( she's still unforgiven for that one ) and danced merrily in with her comestibles - while the joiner was still planing the front door on trestles.

The builder helped welcome the guests, till I told him he had a home to go to ! The rest of the party went well, except I forgot my hat and froze on the way home.


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I get these all the time too. Mainly from cards or banks I have nothing to do with, but they are always asking to resend details or whatever.

Best thing you can do is report them to the bank that they purport to come from and let them deal with it. Of course it would help if the banks had a "Report Scam" button on their front page, rather than tucked away where you can hardly find it !


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Have you ever tried to encourage someone to sing ? And got nowhere ? I came up with the first two lines and then thought about a scenario that I could dramatize that would add something to the idea. This is the result.

Yes, and this one has a bridge !!!!

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Hi Doc,

Take the advice above - try out slide guitar. You don't need a fancy capo. you're in the lucky position to be able to retune a few guitars and leave them like that.

You won't need to have a working pinky - the slide is controled by your hand and the pressure of the other three fingers. Give it a go and check out ol' George and "Bad to the Bone" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7VsoxT_ … re=related


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Probably the wrong title. My kids haven't quite got to the relationships stage yet. I'm not looking forward to it. This is gleaned from chats with other Fathers.

A Father's Love.

A father's love's an awkward thing
You love them and you step aside
It's mum who catches tears and hugs
While Dad's the one who drives.
You can't show emotion
Not one tear-filled eye.
Or you'll catch a sharp one in your ribs
And that ice -look in their eyes.

Well as they get older
And the car's filled up with friends
And scandalising stories
About boys that they call men.
That's when they turn to you.
For that tacit omerta.
"What mama don't know won't hurt her.
You won't tell her. Will you, Da?

Well she walked beside me
In summer sun and in winter snow
I looked on in wonder
And watched her beauty grow
Oh, she walked beside me
Just as soon as she could
Happy to hold her old man's hand
And now I'm passing her on to you

And, son, I've got to know you
And the way you treat my kid
I've seen the care and consideration
In everything you did.
You've even got a touch of sass
That you'll need to get you through
For without it,son, I have to say
My kid'll eat up you.

So here's to little women
Who grow up all too soon,
To their make up, and gaudy bangles
And most of all their shoes.
And here's to the guys that suffer long
To protect them as they grow
Hangin' back, but watchful,
Makin' sure they never know.


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We had a bit of a chat about bridges in songs a while ago.

I found this interesting article on bridges and how to use them in a song.

http://www.americansongwriter.com/2010/ … somewhere/

There's a guy standing in the general election here who is a Freddy Mercury impersonator for his day job. I would love to have been a fly on the wall when they asked - "Harry, can you tell us how your prior experience fits you for this post?"

http://www.newsletter.co.uk/politics/UU … 5855137.jp


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Words and music come together very sweetly here. Well done.

Half way through I suddenly remembered Rick Wakeman and the rock operas he used to record. I used to have the LP's, but I've just checked and they're gone. I must have lent them to someone sometime - probably back in the seventies.

Well done again !!


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Congratulations. I quit twenty-odd years ago, best thing I ever did bar marrying a good woman.

What I find concerning is the number of young girls smoking. Women are supposed to be more mature than guys, you'd think they'd have more sense. They just brought out an advert here specifically for teen  girl smokers . It says :-

"I smoke to lose weight - limb by limb, organ by organ. "


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I was walking into work today. passing a place where the homeless people hang out. There was the most wonderful yearning singing. Turned out it was a sixty or so year old woman in a big old pink cap. She was one of the group of homeless, singing to a young boy with an unopened cider bottle. She was singing Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol - she knew all the words. A number of us stopped to listen.

Made me think where would we be without music. This needs a chorus.

Chasing Other Cars

You sit there in your window
In your Mary Quant pink hat
I never thought I'd hear this song
Sung as beautifully as that

Your voice rubs up against me
Past your fake Lacoste track suit
Smilin like a gift of love
With the sun shinin' through it

You sing "If I lay here, Just lay here."
And your need is plain to see
For the boy way back in the shadows
With the eyes of emerald green.

Yes, other eyes are watching you
For you don't sing to me.
Cos hidin' in the bags and clothes
Are dirty bundles of humanity.

But the song still wraps the bottles
And the cardboard in a warmth
As you serenade your green-eyed boy
And yearn to have him in your arms

And there's that hint of desperation
In the next lines that you murmured,
"Would you lay with me - my darlin boy -
And just forget the world"

You hold your hands out to him
to emphasize your need
And I see him start to sing with you
With his eyes filled up with greed.

But you won't heed a warning
You're old enough to know.
You'll love his bottle and his dirty flesh
Then tell the boy to go.

Brian Cowell is good . . . . . if he likes you and you'll do anything to make him millions. The shows are just ways for him to make more millions doing the auditions he would have to do free otherwise. Time is money. Actually I find myself agreeing with him most of the time.

The UK version of this is something I have to watch or end up with no family life. The girls and herself always end up with a crush on one of the guys and it can be quite hilarious when they get put out. Last time I got caught on laughing as he walked off stage and was banished to the back room ( which is where I keep the fav. guitar).

BTW did you guys hear that there was a successfull internet campaign to keep the last winner off the top of the Xmas charts in the UK.

Lena, I think everyone in the South should apologise for foisting Jedward on us ; )


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Actually I'm not sure about another two verses, I may just repeat. Apparently when talking about songwriting Van Morrison said "I just repeat things all the time". This songs all about repetition.

As for the bridge, I'll let it fester for a while and see what comes up.

I realised that I already had a chord sequence for the bridge. When playing, I already had started to extend the  chorus with the following.

Asus2 - A7 - Asus2 - A9(no third) .    Which is a one finger movement

Asus2  -  002200
A7      -  002020
A9(no third) -  002000


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Good idea, TheOnlyTaylor ! I think I've only written one other bridge before.

It's sites like chordie that have grown my appreciation of music and led me to spend untold hundreds of quid on cd that I would simply not have bought before - because the recommendations come from guitarists who came to chordie for thechords or the tabs. That's where I started too.

You get the feeling that it's all an area that they just don't understand yet. Maybe they'll start publishing tabs or chords as part of the MP3, or separately, as another income stream. The main problem at the minute is that you can't get your hands on them any other way.

BTW you can use IPOD notes now to salvage what you can.


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Well, I'm bowled over by the response- Thank you to everyone !

I've added a verse (see above) and now have a melody which I will record and post when it's complete.


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Well looky who posted right up top
Our old friend Selso - hey take a seat
Have a beer and grab yer axe
And give us a song with that Selso beat


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Look forward to the fruit of your labour !

Collaboration is the way to go.

A speaker at the song convention I was at had figures to show that 100% ( yes 100% !) of Number 1 Country hits in a particular year were collaborations. Apparently, aside from the two-heads-better-than-one aspects,  one reason for them doing so well is that where the writers are signed to different publishing houses, they get both publishing teams pushing product.


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Actually I often spend more than a week at this !

My Lost Song.

You know I can spend
A week at this,
Crafting words
And music.
Love and loss,
Luck and lust,
That life is.

But still
I let you slip away
I looked
And you were gone.
Were my last muse.
Are my lost song.

I try to frame
The story-line
But it won't scan
And the words won't rhyme.
You're the hole
Within the song,
Without you
It's all gone wrong.

I can't find
The melody,
Match the rhythm
but not the key
The notes are right,
But not the feel.
All because
You're not with me.

You're the song
That wouldn't stay
You're the song
That walked away.
I'm the guy
You triple-crossed.
I'm the guy
Who paid the cost


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Hi lena,

Missed this when it went up. I've been in the Brazen head - years ago - for some reason I don't remember much about it !

We had a quiet St Pats, just dinner ( Champ (mashed spuds, scallions, butter and milk ), bacon ribs ( cured pork ribs boiled for three hours ) and cabbage ( boiled in the rib liguor) ), and beer and whiskey.

Belfast can get a bit crazy on St Pats - too many drunken under age kids.


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Great lyrics. Kap. And even better if the melody is all but there !

The idea of "no answers" is something we all take our own sweet time to understand. It's just about being there.


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Hey Selso,

Where ya been ?!

I've been missing your posts.


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Thanks everyone for the comments - I really appreciate them

Lena, funny I was watching a documentary on Planxty  on YouTube just yesterday. Yes the voice is soft when it wants to be. and can go all over the place - strange how it always seems better in the car !

Daddy - cheers, thanks for the listen. I keep watchin out for your stuff.

Jody, thanks for that, hope the voice sorts itself. the songwritin thing just seems to find it's own way through. I often wonder how many I've missed by being somewhere without a guitar and not being able to jot anything down.

Mekids, Thanks for the compliment.

Papa, I see what you mean. I hadn't been conscious of it. I tend to work out a melody to fit the words and then try to find the key notes in chords. That way I end up with obscure voicings that I only know what chord it is by looking it up ( thank goodness for Chord Name). I guess the sound is quite jazzy, with a touch of spanish - which would fit with the phrygian.


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I guess this one comes to everyone.

Taking Every Chance.

I'm taking every chance
To say that I love you.
Taking every chance
Just to spend time with you
Taking every chance
To hold and to kiss you.
I'm taking every chance
To show that I love you.

It didn't take much
To shake me to the core.
The thought that I might lose you,
Nothin' more.
I stood outside the ward doors,
Watched the nurses pass
My stomach like a lump of lead
Fear catchin' at my breath.

Twenty years of gettin' by
Twenty years of graftin'
Twenty years of forgettin' you
Yet you're what I was missin'
I'll never get that time back,
There's no buy one get one free.
I'll make the most of what we've left
Make time for you and me.

I'll push aside the curtains
Let the sun light up your face,
If I could stop myself from cryin'
I'd maybe tidy up the place.
But I sit here by the bedside
And count the beatings of your heart
And swear I'm gonna change
And make a brand new start.