Hello Chordieans,

I'm rather new to playing and do not have anyone around me to practice with. I must admit I have a bit of GAS, as in Gadget Acquisition Syndrome, and have been looking at the Boss RC-3.  I'm thinking it might be a good addition as a practice aid.

Any comments on this piece of equipment.



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Dearest Z,

I too have favorite songs I would like to play, however, you need to learn TO PLAY first.  Try learning a few of the old reliable's first, then you will naturally move into more challenging guitar songs.   I love the Beatles, just check out some of their songs/chords; some of the songs have 12 - 16 chords, too much for me right now!  But some of their songs are a bit simpler. 

Unless you have some music background or some prior exposure to musical instruments, I would suggest to you that you just be happy learning a new LIFETIME hobby and just let it take you where you want to go.  Don't rush things.....you have no time frame do you?