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Hello Chordieans,

I'm rather new to playing and do not have anyone around me to practice with. I must admit I have a bit of GAS, as in Gadget Acquisition Syndrome, and have been looking at the Boss RC-3.  I'm thinking it might be a good addition as a practice aid.

Any comments on this piece of equipment.


Re: Boss RC-3 looping pedal

I moved this topic from Chat Corner to this forum because I think it's more likely to get a thorough answer here. 


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Re: Boss RC-3 looping pedal

I think as a practice aid it will do the job as long as what you loop is structured (arranged) it can be something modal(one chord minor or major) or a progression of chords (blues,country,rock) I have a Boss RC-20XL loop station and a Boss FS-6 foot switch I use this setup to record loops of song progressions for parties it allows me to toggle up or down to the next song,if you dont have someone to practice or jam with a loop pedal can be very helpful smile

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Re: Boss RC-3 looping pedal

its a  great  piece of  kit  .I  use  the  rc 2 an  earlier   version  both  live  and  for  practice  my  mate  steff has  the  rc 3  he  also  uses it  live .I  would  recommend  buying  the  external  foot switch  as  well  as  you  need  to  press  it  twice  at  the  end  of  your  loop  to  stop it  .the external   switch  allows you  to  pres it  once  and  automatically   erase  the loop you have  just  recorded   there by    resetting  it  for  your  next  loop  , I find  this  essential  when  playing live .You  might  also  want  to  consider  one  of  the  modeling  amps  such as  those  from line  6  which  have  built in  loop   or backing  track  facility

Re: Boss RC-3 looping pedal

I have an RC-2 and love it.   I like Boss pedals, generally, as they're pretty tough.

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