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does  anyone know what grade you have to be in an instrument for music gcse as i am going to get electric guitar lessons but i dont think there is much point if you have to be a high grade as i only have 1 year
thanks daiz11 smile


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Does anyone know where i can find a accurate and clear tab for Mr. Brightside by The Killers as there doesnt seem to be one on here
daiz11 smile

Flowers Of Legion i got it of this band name genarator thing sounds alright i think


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The Killers are the best live act i have seen just mind blowing big_smile

Flowers Of Legion sounds good

my cousins mates band might be called Music for the eucharist


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i'm 13 got guitar at christmas but only got into playing again , not very good at it yet though smile

Thanks will check the sites and songs out smile


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The Killers smile


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i'm 13 smile and new on here today smile

does anyone know any extra easy songs for me, a beginner who doesn't know much!, where the tabs are easy to understand smile also does anyone know where i can get a tab for "for reasons unknown" and "uncle johnny" by the killers as i have heard they are easy but i can't find a non-confusing tab for either of them Thanks daiz11 smile


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me too!
i have a cd for the pc but it hasn't taught me much i am learning off this site , find a guitar tab for "sunshine of your love" it is very easy well at least the beginning is smile