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i still enjoy the heck out of the guitar and it is my stress reliever.  hard to think about other stuff while trying to play well.  i felt a lot better recently when one of the performers i went to see screwed up.  99% of the audience didn't even notice.  i just heard a note that i knew was out of place.  i looked up and he was kinda laughing/smiling at the other performer.  like an oops moment.  i thought, heck he screws up on stage?!?!  laugh it off, move on, no one knows but you and maybe one or two listeners.  finger style is easy and difficult all at the same time.  slow patterns sound blah.  start speeding up....boing!!!  there's that retarded chimp showing up again.  someday.  someday soon(i hope).  it's all good.  thanks all.  keep playing


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ok, i know, i know, i know what i will hear.....time is the answer.  problem is this.  there are times when i think i am doing ok.  playing about 9 months or so now.  late 40's.  late to the guitar game.  anyway, i strum songs ok but then sometimes it just sounds like crap.  no better way to describe it.  my simple chord changes get muted or i suddenly struggle with them.  the easiest chords suddenly become foreign to my fretting hand...my strumming patterns all of a sudden sound like a retarded chimp trying to pound open a coconut.  just frustrated i guess.  i am in lessons.  just recently started the finger picking book after completing the rhythm style book.  doing ok in that but i went to play some songs off of chordie and wow!  what is this thing in my lap???  with the funny shape and wires??

ok...i feel better.  thanks for the advice of "keep playing".  got it.


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"This very true... I have also learned though a previous dumb trick...... NEVER EVER play your guitar right after showering or bathing.... tore up my fingers really good that time lol"

i just stopped bathing to avoid this.  funny thing is now i have no one to play to.  hmmm.


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ok all of you.  i just finished up the rhythm style book with my instructor.  took about 9 months.  now he is having me start work out of a finger picking instruction book.  just want to hear all the do's and don'ts...pointers/tips and any other general thoughts from the more experienced pickers out there.  anything you did that really helped your playing?  things to avoid(even when the instructor says to do it..wink, wink, nod, nod) hurdles to expect and how to work thru them.  basically i am open to whatever you alll have to throw out.  thanks.