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I am a nitwit when it comes to amplifying anything. Ive never played an electric out and always flinch when plugging in my acoustic. Sometimes, it has to be done though. Fingerstyle? I can say my fishman does the job quite well. Easy to install, slim and discreet. i think it was about 100 bucks. The tones are warm enough to cuddle with and the high end sounds like a bell choir. However, if you want accurate acoustic sound for a big gig and are using a pick, I suggest using an external instrument mic. Again, personal preference.

Baldguitardude wrote:

i would start by just strumming single down strokes while singing your tune. Get comfortable with the singing then add complexity to your strumming.

I second this advice. Baby steps. This is how I learned. Start throwing in fancier right hand techniques and fills between your vocals, then try them together. Same thing with playing a harmonica. Baby steps.