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Two Aussie men were in a pub arguing about who had the smartest dog. To settle the argument they decided to have a dog trial outside.

the first aussie says to his dog "run down the street,through the church yard to the sheep paddock out back and bring me the ram with the black circle around it's left eye"

His dog immediately ran down the street, through the church yard to the sheep paddock and singled out the ram with a black circle around it's left eye and drove the beast back to it's master.

The second aussie says that's pretty good but watch this - he then looks down at his dog and says "I'M HUNGRY".

The dog sprints down the street to the farm house,grabs a billy can,takes it to the creek,fills it with water,then runs back to the farmhouse,grabs some firewood builds a fire at it's master's feet, sets the billy can full of water on the fire to boil,then runs a third time to the farmhouse, finds the henhouse out back, grabs an egg, runs back and drops the egg in the billy can full of boiling water.The dog then stands on it's head.

The first aussie says  "you win that's the smartest dog I've ever seen but tell me why is it standing on it's head??

The second aussie replies " It knows i haven't got an egg cup!"


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A horse walks into a bar - the bartender says why the long face

A termite walks into a bar and yells where's the bartender

Why is a duck when it spins? because one of it's legs are both the same! (one for the surrealists!!)

Anyone that loves whisky and hates children can't be all bad - W C Fields


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Just an afterthought re last post ;
i would highly recommend "Guitar Case Chord Book" in full color.published by Amsco Publications distributed by Music Sales Pty Ltd 120 Rothschild st Rosebery Sydney NSW 2018.lays everything out in key format also gives color photos of hand positions as well as chord diagrams plus transposition of keys movable chords etc. AND FITS NEATLY INTO YOUR GUITAR CASE!! any good music shop should carry it for about the price of a set of strings.


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If i really like or feel connected to the song then yeah i find it pretty easy but a little trick to remember is to get yourself a chordchart set out in keys (eg songs in G are usually G C D, add Am and Em and you'll soon be Mozart!!) remember your majors and one or two minors and sevenths and you've got it by the short and curleys. Also remember most songs are 3 - 5 Chords (for lead go to scales {YUK}]


Six String guitar is an art form to be persued manfully--Twelve string guitar is MADNESS!!