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badeye wrote:

Nice one MB, gotta like BB.

badeye   cool

Thanks badeye; did you spot Joan Baez at 4:52?

I think your voice and playing are classic Americana. You should have been in "Brother Where Art Thou."


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Rabid wrote:

We are all still blinded by the light and selfishly want you to stay in the fold to justify our personal preoccupation. Like Scientologists.



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B.B. King in Sing-Sing
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UrDqfoZ … re=related


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Baldguitardude wrote:


Sad I only found out about this guy after he died....

WOW!!! He's amazing!! Thanks for introducing me to Michael Burks. So sorry to hear that he died--what a terrible loss.


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I have a temp. gauge on my bicycle's mileage computer. When I was riding yesterday, it was 102 in the shade, 111 in the sun, and an average of 106. Thankfully, it wasn't too humid and there was a bit of a breeze, but boy was I thirsty. I stopped at the market and got a big bottle of chocolate milk and drank it all down in  three gulps. Num!


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We go through Galena on the way to visit my Grandmother. It's a pretty little town with a lot of character. Most of the buildings and houses date back to the 19th century. President Grant's house/museum is in Galena, and there's good camping and hiking--also some clear-running trout streams.

Thanks for the updated information, Russell. You really helped me understand how this unit would work if was going to get one.

Hi Russell,

I've got a couple of questions for you about this:

1. This unit goes into the side of the guitar, is that right? So if your guitar didn't already have space cut out, you would need to have a guitar tech do that, right?

2. This is just an equalizer and pre-amp, right? You'd need to have a pickup installed under the bridge or something right?

3. You need to have a plug put in at the bottom of the guitar to insert the cable that goes to the amp, right?

Sorry if these questions are dumb; I don't know very much about guitar electronics. Thanks for your help.

Astronomikal wrote:

Just a guess, but maybe what she's trying to tell you is that at this point, as long as you can strum and keep a good rhythm that it's more important to work on getting your chord changes down, clean and on time. 

Once you become more adept at changing chords quickly and cleanly, you won't have to think about that part as much, and then you can concentrate on varying your strumming pattern to better fit the song you are playing.

That's the way I really learned how to play.  I was stuck in a strumming pattern and all of my songs sounded alike.  But that allowed me to become much more adept at chord work with my fretting hand.  After that period, chords became more automatic, and then I concentrated on varying my strumming.

Anyway, it worked for me.

Good advice, Astro!


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dino48 wrote:

MB  nice guitar I tried one out before and really liked it alot. I have bought a couple of guitars from them some time ago and I did not pay thier price. I think your brother is right $800 is a good price. If they do not like it tell them you are going too buy it elswere for that price. I think Jerome has alot of expieriance on the Taylors. I would get one if I did not want a Martin so bad.

Thanks dino--with everyone's input, I'm feeling ok about making an offer.


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Baldguitardude wrote:

Who cares what is fair? Start low. It's guitar center...they won't let you rip them off.

LOL! That's great advice BGD.


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badeye wrote:

see if they have lawaway, or a payment plan.   you never know,,

badeye   ;cool:

I've thought about layaway . . . but oh, how hard it would be to wait. When you have Guitar Fever, you gotta strum or you might go crazy!


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Dirty Ed wrote:

When I was looking to find another guitar a few months back, I was seriously considering a 414.  Like you, I prefer the pure acoustic version - no cutaway or electronics.  The Grand Auditorium size coupled with ovangkol back and spruce top is a great combination.  The ones I checked on ebay usually went around $800-$1000.  There's a 1998 model currently at $810 with 3 days left.  I've also seen others sold in the $600-$700 range but had issues like deep scratches, cracks, etc. If you can get it for $800 (or less) it should be a pretty decent deal IMHO.


Hi DE,

Thanks for your input! I saw that 414 on Ebay, too, and it looks just like the one I saw at G.C., but it also comes with a case. I feel pretty good about offering 800. We'll see what happens.


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OK, me and big brother were in the Big City today, and we went the local Guitar Center. I found a used Taylor 414 that I really loved. It's not a cutaway, which is fine with me, and it's not a Dreadnaught (looks like a Grand Auditorium), which is also fine, and it doesn't have electronics, which I also like. I tried finding out what this guitar originally sold for, but it appears to be a discontinued model. They are asking $1,000. The guitar is great shape, no dings or scratches that I could see.

For the fourth of July sale, they're giving a 100 dollar discount, which would bring it down to 900. Big brother says to offer them 800.

Any advice on whether you think this is would be a fair price? Any advice on this model?

Oh my gosh, but it was so wonderful to play! I've got 300 dollars, B.B. said he's lend me a 100, then I'd have to borrow 400 from Dear Old Dad. He's nervous though, because of how dry and hot's been--the corn and beans are getting distressed.

We'll see.


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tubatooter1940 wrote:

Mike Dawes has a lively and interesting approach to playing guitar.
Thank you for the link, M.B.

Yeah, an "interesting approach"  but one that I don't know if I really enjoy. It's almost too much. It's hard to explain, but something's missing . . .


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Howard Bell wrote:

Same song........5 people.........one guitar
Anyone want a BBQ using my guitar. LOL


And they sing!! That was really amazing.


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Click on the link to hear an amazing acoustic version of "Somebody That I Used To Know."  I'm in awe of people who have the dexterity, control, musicianship, and talent to play a guitar like this.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1bzUaf_ … embedded#!

Thanks for the suggestion, naolslager, I'll look that one up.

Another great job BGD! I'm pretty sure that wasn't Robert Johnson--did you write that song?


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Thanks, Beamer. I really got a lot of great information from your answer! I see guitar players using these barre chords all the time, and I never understood why. I have been practicing "Creep" by Radiohead and it's defintely easier to play using power chords.


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Baldguitardude wrote:

em7 am7 cmaj7 b7.

Take every song you know in open position and learn it with all barre chords. smile

OK, but why? What's the benefit or advantage to playing things as barre chords?


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Super Good Job, bgd!! Loved your singing and playing. Could you do be a big favor and tell me the chords you were playing? I'm trying to expand my ability to play barre chords, and I don't know very many beyond those on the first 3 or 4 frets. Thanks!!

Oh my gosh, Beamer--what a treasure trove! THANKS SO MUCH!

Astronomikal wrote:
M.B. wrote:

Does anyone have any stories about how young musicians met up and formed legendary bands?

I'm pretty sure Ann and Nancy Wilson (Heart) met when they were very young.  Same is true for Ray and Dave Davies (The Kinks).  There are probably other stories out there like this.  The Kemps (Spandau Ballet) and the twin guys (don't know their names) in the Proclaimers come to mind.

Yes, MB.  I am a smart-alek.  But you already knew that. .

Wow . . . how weird is it that people with the same last names would meet and form a band. It's almost has if they were related or some--HEY, wait a minute!! (Actualy thought process as I read your post)

I read about when Paul McCartney first met John Lennon, back when they were both teenagers, and Paul wasn't intimidated by John's swagger because Paul could play the guitar better.